Government Motors Recovery Strategy – “I Know, I Know, Let’s Sell Cars on eBay!”

It is interesting how you can turn on the financial news and see what the big stories are each day. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh because it is obviously a public-relations play, and it has nothing to do with reality. Not long ago, General Motors made a big deal and a lot of hoopla about the fact that they would be selling cars on eBay now.

This was probably to reassure the public that General Motors was on the rebound and that they would be paying back the money that the government had lent them. That’s all well and good I suppose, but let me tell you how I really feel about it, let me tell you what I really think, so here it goes;

“You have to be kidding me, that’s the Big Idea and plan to save the company?”

I mean, come on people, they could have done this at anytime in the last 10-years, why now all of a sudden? Don’t tell me they had a brain storming session and some bureaucrat and Obama-rama thought that one up? Oh please, and this was somehow newsworthy to help boost the stock price out of the proverbial portable toilet, as if anyone is in the line for that portable toilet gives two craps about buying a GM car?

If you’ll recall General Motors cut thousands of car dealerships, and then with a big Obama stimulus package program “Cash For Clunkers” came along, all those local GM car dealerships were no longer in business, so people couldn’t buy GM car even if they wanted one, which they probably didn’t because they’d rather have a Toyota or a Honda. It seems like it is just one move after another with General Motors, or should I say Government Motors now.

Quite frankly, I’m really tired of them on my TV set, and I don’t really care if they’re going to sell cars on eBay, who cares. Do you care? Is this some trendy little thing; they’re trying to show that they understand the Internet now and are up with the times in the modern era? I mean what is with these people anyway. Please think on all this.