Grab-a-Crab N soak in some Wine The Crab & Wine Festival at Mahesh Lunch Residence (Juhu)


Grab-a-Crab N soak in some Wine

The Crab &amp Wine Festival at Mahesh Lunch Home (Juhu)

The standard and iconic gastronomic symbol of seafood – Mahesh Lunch Home – is hosting the Crab &amp Wine Festival, at their Juhu outlet, from 29 September – 19 October, 2014. This is the 12th Crab &amp Wine Festival organized by Mahesh Lunch home’s Juhu branch where every single year a host of sea food lovers throng the spot for their preferred dishes.

The ‘giant crab’ place at the entrance of the restaurant has grow to be the symbol of the onset of the Crab &amp Wine Festival.

One of the most sought right after gourmet’s location for seafood aficionados, Mahesh Lunch Property is identified for its innovations, events, festivals and an expansive ever-evolving menu. The Crab &amp Wine Festival promises to liven up the spirits with a huge assortment of recipes, specially crafted to bring out the best of these eight legged beauties.

Crabs being a hot favourite among gourmets, Mahesh Lunch Home has reinvented itself and incorporated mouthwatering varieties cooked in common flavors from across the globe like Kitam Bungkus, Steamed Crab Balinese Curry (Indonesian), Malaysian Crab Tuk Tuk (Malaysian),Thai Crab in Light Soy Basil (Thai), King Crab Alfredo (Continental style), Sri Lankan Crab Curry, and hot Indian favourites like Crab Coriander Candy Sticks, Coorgi Ginger Crab, Tankai Crab, Manglorean Denji Curry, Crab Curry Vindhyas, Crab Vindaloo and Andhra Chilli Crab, amongst many other individuals.

The Crab &amp Wine Festival is organized at the Juhu branch during the Lunch and Dinner Timings. Furthermore, throughout the festival, Mahesh Lunch Property gives a complementary glass of wine with each crab dish ordered.

Dial:- Tel. 6695 5554/59 Mobile 90046 55554/59 for your reservations.

Ever given that its inception in 1977, Mahesh Lunch Home outlets are recognized for its authentic Manglorean food. It has now expanded globally with top-notch restaurants and grow to be one particular of the most preferred restaurant brands for satiating seafood hunger.

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