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The rise of mainland travel agencies set up tourism in Taiwan Monopoly album shop, providing travel advice and sale of specialty products. Jiangsu Overseas Tourist Company is expected to Taiwan tourism boutique stores opening in mid to late 9, tourist information outlets provide Taiwan, Taiwan Tourism albums selling specialty products, and Taiwan, to let visitors get the latest before departure and the variety of Taiwanese travel information, travel will increase . Major streets will be set up in Lanzhou four stores in Taiwan Travel, Taiwan Travel Group also design exclusive photo albums, collections of Taiwan visitors to travel memories.

Because advertising design low admission than the relationship between television advertising in recent years, the growth rate of online advertising significantly outperform the TV ads. Online advertising has held more creative to do more large-scale. Results of the competition, you can also learn a number of trends, inspiration. Expand the scale of competition, in addition to Hong Kong, but also other parts of Asia to accept advertising practitioners to submit entries. One of the features match, even the government departments and quasi-government organizations advertising design competition for the more than usual. The judging panel very much agree with the creation of Taiwan’s online advertising level. It appears that the local advertising industry to a more harder. Eight cats agreed to hold more than online advertising graphic design awards, should be on line within the exchange and improve the level of positive significance.

Over a hundred meters long graphic design e-dynamic version of “painting” for the first time out of your visit to the Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion of Lights, let the public glimpse of its style. However, the exhibition material is different. Screen fabric will replace the original wood, the original three-dimensional depth of about thirty centimeters of the river has changed to graphic design. But the emphasis on visual effects and “real” rate. The exhibition will occupy thirty-eight projector, which projected twenty-six as rivers, twelve are used for the screen. Screen is re-manufactured at a cost of up to eighteen million yuan, of which million funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, with about six million yuan in ticket sales, this graphic design e-News version of “Qingming Festival” is expected to still loss of about ten million yuan.