Great Chicken, Eggs and Protein

It seems these chickens are just good all the way around, from breakfast to dinner and maybe even for a late night snack. Though, when this stuff is deep fried it is pretty much robbed of all of its nutritional value.

Baked chicken is good enough for you, as long as it is not the only thing that you are eating. Eggs though, these are the true gems from the hens.

Have you ever wondered whether some eggs are better than others? Well, theoretically yes.

If you have a free ranged chicken it should produce healthier eggs, and its meat should be a little denser and less fatty. So if you have your own chickens, you can feel safe in knowing you are eating eggs that are better than the eggs that are sold in grocery stores that come from chickens that spend their entire life cramped in a cave.

Though the eggs in the store that say they are high in vitamin d and extra heart health, well this is more of a marketing scheme than actual truth. These eggs that come from supposedly free range chickens are barely any different from the caged chicken’s eggs.

For one, the nutritional value in an egg is barely affected by the life of the chicken. Mainly it is the diet of these chickens that is going to change the nutritional value of their eggs.

But even that is not going to make any miraculous changes to your chicken eggs. There are no golden eggs that cure all ailments and stop aging.

Secondly, these chickens being advertised as free range, have basically the same life as their caged counterpart. They are free range, only it is inside a warehouse that is packed with poultry.

Pictures of these chickens show they are basically have the same space of mobility as their caged cousins. So take my advice, don’t be duped by the heart health eggs that cost nearly three times more for practically the same thing.

These free range chicks are usually stacked on scaffolding, just so they can pack these hen houses not just from side to side but from top to bottom as well. I’m not one against animal mistreatment, but I am against false advertising.

Usually the word free roaming makes you think of these birds wondering about in a large field, playing with turkeys and hanging around cows. This is simply not the case; in fact it is not even close to what is actually happening.
Sabung Ayam
Asado BBQ Cookery Masterclass and Feast
After a decade living in Argentina, a return to the UK, has given Gran Asador David Deadman the opportunity to enthuse others with the latin passion for perfectly slow cooked meat.  The complete antithesis to American BBQ, asado's are all about letting the meat and veg speak for themselves. No spices or rubs are added. The fire does the work. Very slow roasting over hardwood embers creates the most succulent and flavourful whole BBQ 8 hour lamb you will ever taste. Whole fish, sides of beef or chickens all equally benefit from grilling slowly over the embers.Unique equipment is used, the same as you would see on the Pampas used by the Gauchos after a long day of   herding cattle. Asador Criollos are used for ribs, an  Asador a la Cruz takes a whole lamb and the angled steel of the horizontal parrilla BBQ cooks the fish and veg without allowing the fat to drip on the fire.   This intimate course (Max 12) is not just about the food but offers an insight into the history, language, countryside and lifestyle of Argentina where food is all about sharing time with family and friends. After a day of immersion each student can invite up to 3 guests to join us to enjoy the sit down feast. A bottle of Malbec Red Wine will be provided for each student.  The day is designed to give you all the knowledge needed to truly immerse yourself in Authentic Asado Cookery. Course Plan: Arriving at 8am to meet the tutor and talk through the day. 08:30 Hang the lamb on the Asador a la cruz, preliminaries of fire management, types of wood, history of the 'a la cruz' technique, make your own salmuera for basting the lamb. 09:15 Fire building in pairs. Learn the principles of making your own hardwood charcoal from scratch. 09:45 Introduce the meat and the various traditional cuts. Discuss butchery technique. Learn the intricacies of Argentine Chorizo, Morcilla, Pollo, Asado, Colita, Mollejas and entraña. Run through the different grilling techniques needed for the different cuts. 10:15 prep Parrilla BBQ, Chimichurri and Salsa Criollo 10:45 begin cooking the chicken and other 'start' cuts ready for Lunch. Learn timings, technique for each cooking each cut. 12:30 Have a proper sit down lunch with a glass of Malbec. 13:30 Pair up with a fire each to cook Asado, Pollo, Entraña, Colita and Mollejas. Introduce the Chapa hot plates for griddling vegetables. 14:00 – 17:00 Grilling Time. 2 Students assigned to each parrilla/fire. Monitor grilling, prep boards and tables for group feast.  17:00. Friends and Family arrive to join in the Asado feast including the amazing whole 8 hour lamb. 20:00 Local Callestick Ice Cream served as desert. Final toast and goodbyes.  Location: Cookery courses are run from Little Roseveth on the outskirts of the cathedral city of Truro. Full address details will be provided once you have booked. The cooking is done outside. In the event of bad weather shelter will be provided but please do come prepared if the weather looks poor. Courses will not be cancelled for bad weather. Wine/drink: We are not a licensed venue. A bottle of Argentine Malbec Red Wine will be provided for each student. If you would prefer a different tipple let us know and we will try to accommodate. Age: We would advise that this course is only really suitable for 18 years of age and upwards. Under 16's are very welcome to join us for the evening feast. Children remain the responsibility of their guardians at all times.   FAQs Looking to buy this course as a gift? If you aren't sure which date to go for please just get in touch and we can send you a voucher for use on any of the available dates. That way your gift can be made to suit them perfectly. [email protected] or 07557805671  Where can I contact the organiser with any questions? David is available at [email protected] or Call 07557805671  Is there a minimum number for the course to run? yes, we need a minimum of 5 guests for the course to take place. We will keep you informed of ticket sales. In the event that a date is cancelled tickets will be transferable to another date with choice given. Is my registration/ticket transferrable? Yes absolutely.