Gree Reported Flaw In The Government Tenders Worth 4 Million?

InGriffith suedGuangzhou Municipal Bureau of Finance, after hearing the case of the ninth day, Gree has played a lawsuit with the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Finance of the second card. Liao Valley attorney case yesterday sent a sea investigate the Guangzhou municipal government procurement center for illegal procurement of the application head.Made in the application under the Gree first proposition, asked the competent departments of the Guangzhou municipal government purchasing centers, “according to 2151.1887 million bid amount, a fine of five thousandths fine of not less than 10 thousandths” alone, the Guangzhou municipal government procurement center was required to assume administrative penalties up to more than 2.15 million yuan. In addition, the Gree also called on “than the fact that more than 400 million illegal, in the tender documents specified the contents of the brand purchase, failure to disclose information on the behavior of evaluation experts, unable to set the standard bidding documents and legal review process assessment of offenses request “and the Guangzhou municipal government procurement centers to administrative penalties, and impose administrative sanctions related personnel.Guangzhou Geli’s legal affairs manager Chen Yong yesterday told reporters that the lawsuit they are now consigned to the lawyers, the authorComplaintsBook is also part of their actions. He also said Gree sued Guangzhou City Finance Bureau of the lawsuit will continue.bidding, “but lost it,” Griffith told the government raisedChen Yong said the lawsuit has been on the 2nd of this month at the court session in Guangzhou Tianhe, Guangzhou Geli plaintiffAir conditioningCompany, the defendant is in Guangzhou City Department of Finance. Case originated in the Central Hospital of Panyu District, Guangzhou City, a year ago, a central air-conditioning procurement tenders. According to Guangzhou Geli who briefed reporters on respect, Central Hospital of Panyu, Guangzhou municipal government last year commissioned a procurement center air conditioning procurement organization, Guangzhou Geli involved in the bidding. In the same year on November 4, Guangzhou Gree got the news that he became a successful supplier of pre-and immediately began to prepare the relevant materials to fulfill formalities. But two weeks after the official announcement of tender notice is displayed, successful suppliersGuangdongProvinceOilChemical industryConstruction Corporation, Gree accidents out. Gree be due to their tender documents do not meet specifications, tender documents are invalid and can not bid. Griffith said this regard, they do have some representation on the tender issue, but they had when the first round of expert review has been on these issues were explained, and has been recognized by experts. “Now when the final assessment of how these small problems again and kick out of it?” Guangzhou Geli told reporters that their tender price was 17.07 million yuan, and ultimately the successful offer for the 21.51 million yuan in Guangdong petrochemical. “Just because some small problems in the tender, the Government would rather spend four million yuan more than the taxpayer’s money to purchase other home products?” Then, Panyu District, Guangzhou Geli to the Finance Bureau and the level of the Guangzhou City Finance Bureau numerous complaints, administrative review, etc., but they can not change the results. In the end, Guangzhou Geli chose to use legal means to Guangzhou City Bureau of Finance to court.”not vote on, the only election expensive?”In fact, many people in the industry know there is a tender “does not meet the requirements to play * number, you can directly bid rejection” requirement, and this is precisely the tenders Gree * number of items in the play appear the defect. Financial Bureau of Panyu also online support such an approach Gree “official notice” of the netizens dismissed as “non-election on, and only choose expensive.” Relating to government procurement as the most sensitive issue, the government procurement has been a lot of people found there “trick.” However, air-conditioning at the side of the United States to respond to the incident said that the government procurement price is not the only factor in the decision, but taken into account. The more the United States responded that “the standard in the past where there would be no higher prices than others when it?”But there are also professionals that since they have this requirement, then it should be strictly enforced, because other factors can not be certain bidders on the “lenient.” Guangzhou City, the former deputies, Zhu Yongping, director of Guangzhou Datong Law Office also pointed out that the outside world should not be regarded eyes from 400 million price gap, he considered not responsible for the failure of Gree bid in Gree own government. “Geli’s own production of non-standard tender result of Finance can not choose it, and had to spend 4 million yuan to choose another product.”

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