Green and Blue In Right Match

Manish Malhotra party wear sarees needs no introduction. For those who are very new to fashion and the nuances attached to it, here’s the introduction. Manish is one of India’s ace designer and India’s answer to the likes of Louis Vuitton. Obviously the designs are original and exclusive.

This saree has many shades ranging from pale green tinted yellow, light lavender, pink to peach shades. The floral motifs are embroidered with sequins and resham. These intricate patterns are found in lower part of the saree, the saree blouse and the pallu. Such master pieces from Manish attract not only Indian women from all over the globe, but also women from other cultural backgrounds. To be more precise, this saree accentuates the feminine silhouettes to the detail.

While we take a closer look at the rose petals embroidery, three colours of threads are used. Turquoise blue, greenish blue and white threads are used to provide the artistic effect. Also seen is a variety of embroidery stitching patterns. These designs are found the peach colored portion of the saree that occupy the upper front when worn. The pale white section has lavender designs.

The fine craftsmanship from a pro like Manish, reflects all over the saree. The saree is both sober as well as enchanting. The matching blouse material comes in the peach shade found in the saree. The thin peach border strip with sequin work is simply beyond compare. The workmanship on the fabric is totally flawless. This saree is also great for meeting friends casually over a cup of coffee. The saree is very informal and suits kitty parties. The edging of the saree is very smooth. With expertise of Manish, the outfit is simply stunning. Broad gold bangles and hair tied on the top would enhance the charm of the saree. To sum up, the saree is a show stopper.

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