Group Began To Focus On Grinding Industry Qinchuan Cautious Expansion – Grinding, Machine Tool –

Blue white paper bag printed with a big Chinese characters??? “Grinding.” Show machine before, the reporter saw Qinchuan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. staff members gave the audience such a paper bag, which of course is the product installation information.

“If you use one word summed Qin Chuan, then the word is that this mill.” Qin Chuan, chairman Xing Yuan told China Industrial Daily News reporter.

Focus grinder, high-end positioning. Precision’s strategic planning group is helping through the machine tool industry Qinchuan another winter.

Uphold the value of Affected by the economic situation at home and abroad, this year, the number of machines, known quantity have Xian Chu flagging business growth. Qinchuan Group what? Xing Yuan told China Industrial Newspaper: “1 ~ September, Qinchuan Group Pin 42% growth in sales revenue, profit and tax growth of 60%. “

Fact, facing the turning point in the market was under Qinchuan Group also received no small impact. The company’s plastics machinery, auto parts and other accessories industry as a sign of a market decline. Qin Chuan Han River Machine Tool Works Group is the largest manufacturer of ball screws. Hanjiang Machine Tool Plant personnel told reporters that the market is good, business monthly average amount of ball screw orders up to 20 million yuan, but the beginning of this year in June, the market trend on the decline, and now the average monthly sales to reach 10 million yuan Even good. However, the machine tool business in the thriving business, to ensure the company’s high growth performance.

Qin Chuangelande the official told China Industrial Daily News reporter, started the company three years ago to deploy industrial upgrading. Although the company also has small business machine, but in recent years, capacity has not expanded company’s main focus in large precision machine tools.

Precision, large-scale, efficient, composite, green. The 12 words that Xing Yuan Qin Chuan’s product strategic planning. In his words: “Boss boss to do should be done, forget about low-end production.”

What is low-end production? Xing Yuan have a standard: less than 20% gross margin.
Days of the order could be overwhelmed, Qinchuan Group maintained a rare sober. It is this concentration, before they surrendered in the face of adversity beautiful responses.

Where the direction of R & D
“Machine, if made cars, to end on.” Xing Yuan said, “This industry must stress practicality, but also to the user to create value.” The former is for the operation of the workers, which is all for machine tools persons.

He said the industry’s R & D strategy commonly used is called to follow the strategy, what is abroad, we also do, of course, the middle of a lag, after two years can make out pretty good. Qinchuan Group does not do it.

Then Qinchuan the direction of the Group’s R & D come from? Users, technology. The company recently introduced YK73200 CNC Forming Grinding wheel Grinding machine, grinding machine bed size is the largest in Asia, to fill the bed of our large size grinding the blank.

Large-sized grinding machine has always been monopolized by the United States and Europe, the domestic import this type of Gear Grinding not only expensive but also subject to many technical constraints. Started in September last year, with an aim of the world Qinchuan equipment manufacturing technologies, organization of specialized technology research and development, technical research, and finally produced their large size grinding machine.

It Understanding of large-sized Gear Grinder up to 2 meters in diameter, can meet the domestic mining, metallurgy, military enterprises demand large-size gear grinding, indicates that China, following Germany, the United States after the three to produce the world’s first grinding diameter 2 meters above the national large-size gear. SABUNG AYAM