Grow an Herb Garden and Enjoy Great Medicinal Teas

The health benefits of medicinal teas have become well known in the recent past. More and more people around the world are eager to enjoy the benefits of herbal teas. However, buying herbs for medicinal teas in the supermarket can be rather expensive. So, here is the good news. You can now grow an herb garden and enjoy great medicinal teas, without spending a fortune on it. Growing an herb garden is extremely simple and even if you live in a small apartment in the city, it is possible to grow herbs for use in medicinal teas, by using potted plants and placing them on a window sill.

Now that you have decided to grow an herb garden, let’s look at the many medicinal teas you can grow in it:
Basil Tea: The medicinal advantages of basil are well known. Also, basil has numerous uses in cooking different dishes. Basil tea is very refreshing and helps with curing nausea and keeps minor illnesses like cough and common cold away. To grow basil in a potted plant, ensure that it is placed in a way that it gets sufficient sunlight. Also ensure that you do not over water the plant.

Fennel Tea: If you have just had a baby in the family, then grow an herb garden just to plant fennel as it is a great organic medicine was gastric problems developed in babies. It is also known to help babies digest food better and babies with colic will also find relief by drinking this tea. Fennel tea is also considered to work wonders with lactation ability of a new mother.

Bee Balm Tea: Bee Balm Tea is also known as Oswego tea and is a part of the Native American tradition. It certainly has medicinal values as it helps cure bronchial and stomach ailments, but at the same time, it is extremely refreshing because of its fruity flavor. Make iced tea on a hot day and enjoy the medicinal benefits as well as its refreshing quality.

Chamomile Tea: If you decide to grow an herb garden, then planting chamomile is a great idea if you like medicinal tea. Chamomile works wonders for a number of ailments from minor issues like sore throat to major ones like insomnia and repeated nightmares. Drinking chamomile tea just before going to bed will ensure that you have a deep, peaceful and refreshing sleep. Chamomile tea is also used by many women to help ease the pain of menstrual cramps.

Lemon Balm Tea: If you want to grow an herb garden that not only provides for great medicinal teas, but also adds a touch of lemony scents to its surroundings, then you must grow the lemon balm in your herb garden. Lemon balm tea is known to give the drinker an uplifting mood and it also helps with the digestive processes of the body. It also has small flowers which add to the aesthetic appearance of the plant.