GTX Corp. (OTCBB: GTXO) Rounding Up All the Buzz

We’ve noticed a wave of news, articles, and press that has been saturating the online marketplaces for GTX Corp. and their GPS tracking apps and products that include GPS smart shoes. Let’s round up some of the buzz and provide some useful links with this post.

GTX Corp. develops and integrates two-way global positioning system (GPS) technologies that integrate with consumer products and enterprise applications. It provides personal location solutions through hardware devices, platform licensing, and smart phone applications. The company owns and operates LOCiMOBILE, Inc., which develops applications that transform smart phones into real time 2-way GPS personal location transceivers, letting people know where the user is, where the user has been, how fast the user is moving, and what direction the user is heading.

These GPs tracking apps and devices can be used in a varierty of different fashions, and the implications and imagination for this technology has no limits or boundaries. The newest application for the GPS technology: taking care of Grandma.

The technological innovations has led GTX to provide end to end solutions with software-only products and licensed technology that does not require proprietary hardware. GTX Corp develops and integrates 2-way GPS people finding and connecting technologies which seamlessly integrate with consumer products and enterprise applications. Utilizing the latest in miniaturized tracking and cellular location technology, the company offers a GPS location platform that enables subscribers to track in real time the whereabouts of people, pets, or high valued assets through its customizable transceiver module, wireless connectivity gateway, middleware, and viewing portal.
GPS shoes, whose GPS tacking device is provided by GTX Corp. (gaining attention and A.K.A’s like “smart shoes”) are proving to be one of the most interesting innovations in the history of footwear industry and will be a tremendously helpful tool in the future of elderly care. The GPs shoes will eliminate the constant “wanderer” worries families of Alzheimer’s patients live with every day thanks to the innovations of GTX Corp.’s GPS tracking apps and devices.
Use this link to view a handful of GPS show introductions, demonstrations, and videos about GTX Corp.’s GPS Shoes, a product that’s a big relief for those who are suffering from this terrible disease. The Alzheimer’s population of 5.3M in the US alone is a monstrous market for the GPS shoes considering the fact that approximately 60-70% of those patients wander according to statistics from George Mason University show. So not only can this company create a product with a healthy profit margin to boast for investors, but contribute to a humanitarian cause that affects almost everyone.
The GPS shoes are by no means just restricted to Alzheimer’s patients – the market is wide open. Think of the big picture: hikers, miners, military officials, and many, many more can benefit from GPS location technology to make their lives easier and safer. The shoes can also be configured to make instant alerts through SMS if the GPS signal breach the customized safe area.

The much acclaimed GPS shoe was the feather in the cap for GTX Corp., who owns an important patent for its technological innovation. The launch of GPS shoes will be a definite turning point in the business of the company and undoubtedly serves as a significant value addition to the stakeholders. GTX Corp.’s eight patents for the GPS Shoe cover a GPS transceiver module that is placed within the footwear and transmission of location coordinates to a central monitoring station which disseminates the location data through the use of proprietary software, cellular connectivity, the GTX Corp. middleware platform and the secure viewing portal. We’ve been covering GTX Corp.’s news and press this entire year, and the buzz just hasn’t slowed down. We’re looking forward to more exciting developments from the company and the receivership of the mass population as GPS technology continues to infiltrate and improve our lives.

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