Guangdong Tv Will Screen A Series Of Reports Top Ten Selection Activities – Ten Selection, Videos –

HC screen printed by the network special hosted the “2008 Chinese silk screen printing industry special Top Ten Award” event on November 1, 2008 start, after enrollment, primary, multiple choice, expert evaluation, award of five stages, in March 30, 2009 Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, officially came to an end.

Ten selection awards ceremony:

From beginning to end activities, the organizing committee has organized a number of online media, print media, TV Taiwan, a comprehensive report on the activities, forming a close match online and offline promotion system.

2009 May 15 at noon 11:47 pm, Guangdong TV news channel will be printed on the Chinese silk industry special report and publicity activities of ten selected and May 16, May 20, May 21 at the same time to play, Welcome to the time to watch.

The following table shows the Guangdong Television News Channel (morning):

07:00 news on North Korea

08:32 that case 09:00 punctual reports 09:15 News Online 10:00 punctual reports Cyclone Sports Report

10:42 11:00 punctual reports

11:13 social aspect The first interview

11:28 11:47 “2008 China’s silk industry, especially India Top Ten Award” campaign propaganda articles

Content Behind the Scenes:

12:00 punctual reports Guangdong TV news channel description: Guangdong Southern Television News Media Group is under the Channel, by the Guangdong Television is responsible for program production and broadcast. This is the first provincial-level TV in Guangdong, the news channel, after six months of preparation and pilot, on December 8, 2005 was formally launched. News of the province and the integration of domestic and international television news resource, with 21 province-level cities together various news portals and web sites Cooperation , Based in Guangdong, province-wide linkage Hong Kong and Macao, to connect the country, focus on hot spots of society, concerned about the livelihood of the people, in a timely manner to satisfy the audience demand for all kinds of news, effort to build a real-time news, news broadcast normalized the advantages to the news feature excellent, excellent documentary vision of globalization and play for the bright spot, with high-density broadcast television news across the province, featuring a large platform.

News channel in Guangdong has become a force across the province deal with the challenges of overseas television news media broadcast platform. “Today’s Focus”, “Guangdong TV News”, “social aspect”, “today’s line,” “World Ghost Story”, “Guangdong reports”, a group close ranks with its boutique news columns rolling attack; and a number of exciting new part in all aspects highlighted the timeliness of news reporting and news coverage: A new, fast-known as “punctuality reporting” and “instant watching world”; to lively, friendly and interactive features such as clear-cut favorite to win the audience ” News Online “; newsmaker interviews part” first interview “, through interviews with newsmakers, tells the story of life, s the secret soul, mining news background, analysis hotspot problem, to convey the people’s livelihood conditions; simultaneous transmission of international information,” Global Report ” to new forms of in-depth report highlights interesting world; the “magic of the Earth”, “Brand” and other excellent documentaries, anecdotes about ordinary people, to see herself, looking back at history, marshes, the international situation will show the rich Guangdong News News resources and vision for the world at large.

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