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I recently stayed in the United States, because of professional relationship great attention to the local newspaper’s sports coverage. Typically, a U.S. newspaper every day about 10 version of sports news over the weekend and Monday the sports pages and more. These days coincided with the NFL “Super Bowl” finals held at Turin Winter Olympic Games are about to kick-off, coupled with events such as NBA, Sports News version of the content is an array of natural, very busy.

Surprising that so many highlights in the sports competition when the Washington Post sports pages almost exactly one version out a day or more in length, near the area high school sports coverage, there is the Student Gymnastics, wrestling’s feature articles, as well as detailed coverage of High School Basketball League scores will not help people Association To the only national sports daily?? Chinese sports newspaper, it is difficult find a full page of high school sports news; said to be the largest circulation newspaper sports professional?? Sports Weekly on how much the schools can not find Sports Feature. This is too harsh a contrast.

National newspaper sports news content in school physical education less, on the one hand and not enough media attention to the report in this regard, also because of their conduct Debu school sports active, not busy, could not lead to media attention. In fact, school sports both for the world’s high level of professional soccer, basketball, tennis and so on, or under the National System for the sports of many professional sports, the foundation and the soil are essential. In the United States, Jordan, Phelps and other groups of school sports stars are all grown up sports; in China, Liu Xiang, Deng Yaping, and many other well-known sports figures, are also beginning to sport in schools enlightenment. In contrast, U.S. schools and the atmosphere is more traditional sports a long, strong, primary?? Schools?? University of the sports Talent Cultured Chain Convergence is even more smooth; the work of our culture seedling sports, sports sector and education sector seems to be their own way, do not work together, so link up when there are always small disputes.

To big ball project as an example, in the past with professional sports teams sports department first team, second team, along with Olympics Gold implementation of the strategy to carry out the reform and sports, sports, limited financial and human resources departments can only shorten the front, foot, basket, volleyball and other remaining second-line youth team were cut down a 20. In the United States does not have a professional sports team management sports department, and only professional sports club, their talents are thousands of university sports teams. We are one of 20 youth teams and thousands of support people than college sports teams, how people than the reserve forces of the strong won it? How it was that got people’s bustling youth sports do? Currently in China, attention to primary and secondary enrollment rate, the employment rate of the University of value, as for the establishment of the school sports teams are not built to train non-talented athletes, many of the education sector are not well thought of. The sports sector, for high school and college sports teams in the coaches, players race to the number of registered and other areas to support and facilitate it?

Not active in school physical education and growth, the Chinese sports will eventually become a river without water, without a tree, how about building a real physical power? SABUNG AYAM