Guide To A Sailing Holiday In Australia

From the nice coasts around Melbourne and Tasmania to the picturesque harbors around Sydney, the tropical Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef of Queensland – Australia has everything a sailor could wish for.

The nice but small country of Commonwealth of Australia is found in the Southern Hemisphere. It is %considered to be% the smallest continent in the world and composed of other neighboring islets including Tasmania and Pacific and Indian Ocean islands. Australia is also surrounded with other well-known places such as Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, and Vanuatu. Despite its size, it is visited by millions of tourists every year who are looking for some great fun under the sun, such as sailing in Australia.

So where do you start with your perfect sailing adventure? You can begin with exploring Port Douglas. You can find the Four Mile Beach where the nice white sands offer the most excellent getaway for both families and couples. The nice views of the clear-blue seas provide a backdrop for those who are looking for photo opportunities. On top of the Four Mile Beach is the Flagstaff Hill, which give you the most spectacular view of the entire town. The pina coladas and other tropical drinks coming from Marina Mirage quenches your thirst you await the return of your yacht.

When you are sailing in Australia you should include a trip down the Indo Pacific Marine. It is world famous for being one of the remaining 4 living exhibits all over the world. Waters are not filtered and there is no manual feeding for the fish. All you get is natural beauty of the coral reef ecosystem. You can further develop the experience by taking air-conditioned guided tours. Once you’re done with chartered cruises, you can dock in the Mindil Beach, which is a very popular sunset market. During the months of April to October, there are more than 15,000 folks who will showcase their local produce, hoping to create a good sale. Magnificent street performers further add flair to the entire affair.

Of course, do not miss taking a cruise or sail away into the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef? In the heart of the reef is the Whitsundays. Here you will find 74 tropical islands with a myriad of passages, lagoons and inlets for you to explore. There are many shipping tours and cruises for you can choose from. Of course, as a sailor you prefer your own catamaran or yacht. Within the largest and longest coral reef system in the world, you can watch diving, sailing, and snorkeling. Don’t forget that before you dive, you have taken the proper safety courses and brought the proper equipment.

Australia is like a rare piece of jewelry. It sparkles all day and all night. The entire country speaks of a typical Australian personality-warm, cheeky, friendly, impulsive, and outgoing. Sailing in Australia is basically like that. It’s a combination of fun and activity under the typical Australian sun.
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