Guide to Tools and Supplies needed to erect a Chicken Coop

I wanted to put it off, but I knew it unavoidable. I needed a chicken coop. The little chicks weren’t so little anymore and they were able to get out of their tiny box which was make the garage notably grimy. After seeing the prices of the pre-fabricated chicken coops I decided to construct my own chicken coop to save a several hundred bucks.

I’ve put together a list of everything you’ll need that you are going to need as well as what they’re going to be needed for.

Of course every single building project wouldn’t be complete without a hammer and nails. This staple of the backyard builder will be what you use to put the coop together.

You’re also going to need a measuring tape, level, and a framing square. The measuring tape is pretty obvious, but the level and square are important as well. The level is to ensure that your chicken coop doesn’t have a slant and to make be sure everything lines up just right. The square is used when cutting lumber to make sure that you have a perfect 90 degree angle.

You’re also going to need an screw driver and screws. You could use a hand screwdriver, but I wouldn’t suggest it… your wrist will get extremely tired. You understand, when constructing anything screws are very much stronger than nails because they ‘grip’ the wood more than nails do. Nails have their place as well, but usually to hold together non-structural parts of whatever you’re constructing.

I also highly recommend having a table saw or a circular saw. You could use a handsaw, but the number of cuts you need to make would take quite a long time if you used a hand saw.

One of the most considerable things you just have to do to your chicken coop is seal it up extremely good . A drafty chicken coop can cause dangerous health problems for your chickens in the winter season. In order to seal up your chicken coop you’re going to need a caulking gun and some exterior silicone. I should mention that you need let the silicone dry for at least 72 hours before you place your chickens in the coop because the silicone releases some health affecting fumes.

Of course, it’s always a good thing if your coop looks nice as well. For this we’ll use paint. You should paint it whatever colors you that tickle your fancy. Since I really didn’t want to annoy my neighbors I decided not to paint the coop pink, but rather I painted it a pretty brown color. It blends in with the backyard perfectly.

There aren’t very many supplies you got to get to erect a coop. The essentials are: lumber, cinder blocks, shingles and a little chicken wire. You should be able to get all of the materials for your chicken coop for under $ 100.

Now that you understand what you need to buy to build your coop, get some plans and start building! The quicker you build it the faster you’ll be able to enjoy fresh eggs every day.
Sabung Ayam
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