Guti Real Madrid provided the only bid farewell to a request from the youth academy to continue to dig talent

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“I just want to thank Real Madrid. I went through years of Real Madrid, both a lot of good things, there are some complicated things. I can say that growing up in Madrid, because 24 years I have been playing at Real Madrid, of which 15 years in a team. then I will play somewhere else, but my heart will still follow the club. “Guti hope that the future return to Real Madrid one day,” I hope that after I retire, to re-back to Real Madrid. I was 9 years old into the Real Madrid left at 33 years old, I accepted the value of education for all Real Madrid. To make such a decision is not easy. “

Guti also thanked his family and friends: “I want to thank all my supporters, my family and friends have always stood together with me, gave me the biggest help.” Guti Real Madrid also mentioned fans, he said: “We have great fans, and I spend a good time with them. Real Madrid fans love me, I love Real Madrid fans.” In appreciation of the contribution of Guti, Real Madrid will get him to follow the 15 team a trophy room were brought to the press release. Valdano praised Guti is a unique player, said Guti Real Madrid have to thank the great contribution.

Guti said he did not mean the departure of Real Madrid end of an era, “I do not think I left Real Madrid to end an era. Have a good team player, I only ask for the club from the youth academy to continue to mining personnel. Real Madrid has Arizona Cardinals Jerseys always been on the characteristics of the youth academy with international superstar mashup, I hope to carry on this road. “

Before the media reported that Guti would leave Real Madrid at the same time the announcement, also released the news to join Turkey’s Besiktas, but Guti has not revealed at the press conference the future of their whereabouts, “I have received from Besiktas’s a nice invitation, but I have not made a decision. The only thing I can determine is that I will be a best place for me. “Finally, Guti embrace Valdano and applause at the end of our press conference, declaring the end of his Real Madrid career.

Genius has never been a superstar

Real Madrid veteran Guti, one is always a very complicated person, you simply can not in good or bad so simple to define his dualism. He is like a mystery man, football extraordinary talent, 10 years now has failed to National Cheng Kung University, can not hit it big; look feminine essence, but in fact full of unruly and stubborn, long years, willing to bench at Real Madrid left to grow old, and now finally made the decision to leave Real Madrid, but it was too late, you can no longer make contributions to the precious youth.

Guti Real Madrid love, which is why, over the past 10 years he has repeatedly refused the invitation to other clubs, even sitting on the bench have to stay at Real Madrid. Guti’s technology is no doubt that his vision, his understanding of the game, all people applauded. But Guti has a big problems, it is easy to get out of control, the court sometimes seems loose, good performance, he can give the team extra points, but once he showed disorders, the consequences may be disastrous.

From time to time this is the case: Before a game, the media upload Guti out of sensual indulgence, so that even the training can not properly participate in the negative news; but in that game, the state of Guti not be affected, it seems, several goals in Real Madrid, more than half with him, and his pass from even more lovely. However, Guti is a great variety of individual players, you think of his disappointment, he will give you hope, but you have expectations of him, he can also let you down.

It can be said of his unstable character, so that all club and national team coach did not dare any of his important appointment. In the club, most of the time he spent on the bench; in the national team, although he won in 1999 for selected opportunities, but only played 10 years 14 times, and now the country Aragones coach Del Bosque to simply outside of his out of the squad.

Has long been said that Zidane like a waterfall, while Guti is not working when the fountain when the Spirit, he can become a key member of the team, but the team must not rely on him for long. A genius has never been a superstar since throwaway, allow themselves to be a tragic figure.

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