Guy Gets Girl? Why You Fail With Women

Right here is a real report… Recently I was spending time with my buddy we’re going to call him Joe – (name’s replaced to save the not-so-innocent!). In the course of the evening, we met some attractive women around my home. Everything seemed really appealing…The one beside me was really hot and the gal with Joe seemed like she was really hooked on him. In actual fact, she was giving ALL the signals of desire. All Joe had to do was make some move and she would be his!

So what went down? Well, after spending about a half hour on the beach alone, Joe returns with this lady who instantly tells her good friend “We gotta leave!”
As expected, this fully *disrupted* my night! After the girls left, I asked Joe what went down. This is an almost exact same description of what he said: “Dude, we were strolling hand-in-hand on the beach. I wanted to guarantee she was keen on me, so I pulled out my cell and showed pictures of my pussy-cat back home. Then I started talking about how much I love animals…”

I was pretty much Speechless! Here he was holding hands with a gorgeous babe By themselves on a beach and he starts babbling about freakin’ kittens!!!
This hottie was basically showing him the “Kiss Me” alert and Joe decides that he wants to still work on getting interest. What’s more, instead of doing something that could boost the sexual chemistry, he delivers the “nice guy” routine and even gets into “creepy guy” territory.
Now you might be thinking: “What does this have to do with me?” Well this report about my friend Joe left me pondering about all the small things that guys do which harm their success with girls. And as I discuss on my internet site, you NEVER flunk because of your appearance, or wealth or age.

It all boils down to your frame of mind each time you’re round a female. The fact is, Joe crashed because he thought that the girl wanted a nice guy, though she was already excited about the fun, awesome person that he normally is. In simple terms, she desired the fun, flirty guy that’s naturally attractive to ladies. Joe failed as he doubted his intuition and tried some silly gimmick. When you’re with girls, you don’t have to perform some complicated trick just to impress her. The truth is, all you should do is know how to create the RIGHT kind of small talk.

I’ve discovered that a naturally intriguing guy is aware of how to flirt. His conversation methods contain that perfect balance of fun and willpower. Also this man should be focused on a woman but not TOO concerned. To show you an example, here are a few features of the attitudes that gals WANT from a guy:
1) He doesn’t seem excessively concerned 2) He isn’t afraid to tease and be a tad playful 3) He behaves like a gentleman, but is not a “Sugar Daddy” 4) He enjoys his life on his own terms 5) He takes bold actions — These are just a few attributes of an attractive male. The point I’m intending to get is you might be failing with women because you don’t bring ladies what they truly want in the men they go out with.

To seriously succeed with women, you have to embrace all the qualities of a high value man. Plus, you need to realize how to talk to ladies. Which means flirting and creating that sexual spark that’s vital for building attraction. So don’t be like my pal Joe. When you’re speaking with a gorgeous chick, pay attention to building that fun, flirty buzz that can instantly get her interest.
Sabung Ayam
Comedy Cruise on the Kookaburra Queen
What could be better than a night of Brisbane’s best comedy? A stunning night cruising on the Brisbane river!

Grab some friends and join us for this special laugh-filled evening on the iconic Kookaburra Queen featuring Brisbane’s best comics.

Tickets include a 3 hour cruise, buffet dining experience and a stellar comedy line-up.

Your Headline Act: Kat Davidson
“…fantastic and hilarious…She really provided the WOW factor.”

As seen/heard at Brisbane Comedy Festival, Woodford Folk Festival ABC Local Radio 612, Sit Down Comedy Club, P&O Cruiseships

A professional comedian for two decades, Kat Davidson has often been referred to as ‘the funniest chick I’ve seen’ and has been known to keep working class blokes and high class gals alike gasping with laughter. She tackles relationships, observations and random events with equal passion and her unique storytelling ability takes her audience along with her for the ride.

She can be heard regularly across Queensland ABC radio, has headlined the best comedy clubs around Australia and Canada and can be found at sea performing for huge crowds on P&O Cruise ships. She enjoyed sell out seasons of her original show Untidy at Brisbane Comedy Festival and husband and wife co-production He Said, She Said (with husband Stav Davidson) at Wonderland Festival.

Your MC: Jenny Wynter
“Jenny Wynter is pure joy. My face hurts.”

Winner: Best Variety Show United Solo Festival New York City 2016. As seen at Woodford Folk Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Brisbane Comedy Festival

Jenny is an award winning comedian and cabaret performer, characterised by her improvisational and musical stylings and combinations of both, with her trademark being comedy songs made up on the spot from audience input.

She has trained in improvised comedy with some of the greats in North America, including with Second City, Loose Moose Theatre (Canada) and more and spends her offstage time working as a Clown Doctor at children’s hospitals with The Humour Foundation.

Your Support Acts:
Jasmine Fairbairn
Ashwin Segkar

This is a once in a lifetime chance to laugh, dine and cruise away on a gorgeous Brissie icon!


1. Because this is a cruise we cannot issue refunds, cancellations or transfer tickets;

2. The Kookaburra Queen is a licensed venue, which means there is no BYO;

3. Smart casual dress is preferred on board;

4. Please ensure you leave plenty of time to arrive for 6.30 boarding. As you can imagine, it’s impossible to let people in late with a cruise! The departure time is non-negotiable, if you aren’t on the boat by 7pm you will be unable to cruise.