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Recently, the German Red Dot Design Competition Industry came to the Haier Group, Good news: After a rigorous review and selection, Haier air conditioning of a cabinet for a total of two products linked to the German won the 2010 Red Dot Design Award supreme. This is the Haier air conditioning was “Red Star Award”, “IF Award” Design Award, the international industrial design world in yet another honor. This honor was not only a symbol of Haier air conditioning innovation in industrial design strength has been synchronized with the world’s top level, will lead the entire industry to follow the example of Haier air conditioning, full speed up the pace of innovation and upgrading.

German Red Dot Design Award by the Industrial Designers Society of DesignZentrumNordrheinWestfalen most prestigious in Europe established 50 years, with unique expertise and authority, is the world’s largest and most prestigious events leading industrial design. It is reported that the Red Dot Product Design Award received a total of 57 countries from around 4252 products. Haier air conditioning to the hook, it is thanks to its user-centered design into the user experience and feelings on the show and the world’s most popular European minimalist design, achieved the perfect combination of creative and practical .

Speed up product design innovation at the same time, Haier air conditioning is the “innovation” concept into which the whole industrial chain. Since the beginning of 2010, Haier air conditioning to the world’s leading air conditioning freon as the carrier frequency, proposed “to create the best solution for comfort air conditioning industry, the world’s leading brands,” the strategic goal of the first to bring the technical, production, Sell , Service innovation and lead the overall.

In product technology, which uses the world’s leading 180 sine wave DC inverter technology and leading the new fluorine-free refrigerant, not only to achieve rapid heat for 2 minutes, 1 minute speed cold, -20 Ultra low temperature start, energy efficiency, performance, better. Meanwhile, the reach of the industry’s highest energy efficiency ratio 6.91, running 24 hours than the average 5.2 degrees power inverter air conditioner, electricity savings equivalent to 94 11W Energy Light 5 hours a day electricity consumption, equivalent to less emissions into the atmosphere of 4 kg CO .

In production manufacturing, Haier air conditioning can provide not only has the minimum 7?, Maximum 30 000? Room solutions for the world’s most complete product line, all over China, most professional production base of 16 large air-conditioning professional power to do to protect its top suppliers together the world’s top five established world’s first “carbon chain inverter air conditioner freon”, through the modular design is a direct realization of machine to meet customer needs, to ensure that the Internet age will be comfortable the first time , efficient, low carbon best solution for the comfort of air into houses.

In marketing services, Haier air conditioning on the one hand set up the industry’s first “League of fluorine-free inverter air conditioner to promote” comprehensive promotion of fluorine-free inverter air conditioner, the other an exclusive commitment to the consumer, “fluorine-free 10 years free of charge machine inverter air conditioner package maintenance “, and the only 100% guarantee on-site professional installation of vacuum technology. Meanwhile, the drafting of the development of the country’s first “Household and similar fluorine-free inverter air conditioner installation services specification” has been part of China’s CAS standards as the industry standard for direct marketing implementation.

Present, Haier air conditioning based on the technical, production, sales, service and other aspects have the mature experience, the China Quality Certification Center has been awarded the “low-carbon system (international standard ISO14064) designated pilot enterprise”, the Shanghai World Expo freon inverter air conditioner only designated products.

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