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Home Network News HC : “I heard a Haier introduced a new high Air conditioning , I have come to look at the mall, “Zhou said of consumers,” seen the movie “Avatar”, the not only beautiful on the planet Pandora deep yearning we feel that the destruction of our Earth’s environment . Therefore, when considering the replacement of a new air-conditioning, it intends to buy energy-efficient, is one of the best. ” Haier

since the first in the industry a new and efficient air conditioning, now more and more consumers have come to ask the new one home appliance stores and efficient air-conditioning situation. As Air conditioning energy efficiency The new standard will be June 1 to officially take effect, and Haier in the early half of the time in the market pioneered a new and efficient air conditioning, it will take is for, to meet the green consumer Energy Needs.

It is understood that the introduction of the new Haier an efficient air-conditioning energy efficiency ratio reached 4.0, far higher than the national requirements of 3.6 of an energy efficiency threshold, and thus created a domestic fixed-frequency air conditioning energy efficiency record .

This, a consumer appliance stores, said Mr. Song, “his preference has always been a fixed-frequency air-conditioning, taking into account the carbon now in the stress Environmental protection , So I intend to buy a high EER air conditioning. Heard on June 1 from the new national energy efficiency standards for air conditioning should implemented, and new standards of an energy-saving air-conditioning will also be expected on the market, the intention to buy after June 1, and did not expect half a month ahead of schedule Haier , it has been out a new one efficient air conditioning. “

At present, the impact of the new energy efficiency standards, users of the increasing demand for energy efficient air conditioning urgent, while Haier introduced a new high efficiency air conditioning just to meet their needs. It uses the world’s leading high efficiency compressor technology and by optimizing the air supply system, its energy efficiency as high as 4.0, is the industry’s highest level of the secondary than the current standard of energy efficiency 25% more energy efficient air conditioning, saving the equivalent of 3.9 degrees a day. According to the national 0.6 yuan / kwh, the average electricity, refrigeration calculated using 100 days, you can save 216 yuan for electricity.

“Now my family Refrigerator , Washing machine Are energy-saving environmental protection products, and then put the new one that sets the energy efficiency of Haier air conditioning, can be said that my home environment is a green upgrade. “Consumers are further advised that Mr. Soong.

Analysis of the experts, the new national energy efficiency standard into effect, consumers in the new one has a broad and efficient air-conditioning demand. Haier new standard in energy efficiency have already been formally introduced before the implementation of an efficient new air-conditioning can be said that interpretation of national policies and market responsiveness are two aspects of the fastest and most applicable. This not only mastered the art in its energy-saving technologies, while also its model number on Demand for the pulse of potential market demand.

Haier air conditioning joint upstream suppliers and downstream channels jointly established the Demand for the business model. This modular model will focus on user needs, through the interaction with the downstream channel, changes in consumer demand can also be transmitted first to the hands of developers. By working with suppliers to design, optimization module model of collaboration, information sharing, resource exchange, the direct realization of machine to meet customer needs, to ensure that the first time comfortable, efficient, low carbon best solution for the comfort of air into the user home that is truly needed is for.

Not only that, as Haier air conditioning is now realized that to buy the security Service Consumers as long as there is demand, the installer can to the consumer at home can be installed without having to wait for some time, this has to a certain extent, to meet consumer demand for air conditioning in summer long.

“I heard you can buy Haier air conditioning can be installed after, Maybe I can worry more, before the installation even when waiting in line, now I’ll be able to experience a new high efficiency air conditioning different a. “Mr. Song said.

It is understood that a high Haier air conditioning full line of new listed products cover high-end, economical and all other models, consumers can choose to buy according to different needs. SABUNG AYAM