Haikou, Wenzhou, Trade And Industry Bureau Reminded The Lock “locked To The Invincible”

According to the “Wenzhou Evening News” reported today that business model is installed “SL-2006” “forest hunting” brand “to the invincible Golden Globe forest hunting lock” Lock The result is still stolen, but later found the keys to the brand more than able to open the lock. Currently, manufacturers have to recall the brand lock.

This reporter visited today the sea is particularly Lock Market, found that consumers lock safety consciousness, some products have similar problems, the business sector also received many similar complaints. In response, business to remind consumers: buy locks need more test, pay special attention to each open rate.

Event: Wenzhou lock manufacturers issue recall

According to reports, the first half of this year, who lives Xinqiao Longwan District, Wenzhou City, Mr. Zhou’s clothing store theft, loss of a few thousand dollars. To prevent sake, Mr Chow in a nearby repair shop to buy a model for the “SL-2006” “Sen hunting” brand “to the invincible Golden Globe forest hunting lock” locks used to lock the door clothing store. At the same time, he also installed a burglar alarm system store. But a night in early October, Chow home alarm suddenly sounded, he immediately rushed to the clothing store, find shops wide open, and store the office computers, clothing and cash were missing, the loss of more than 6800 yuan.

Subsequently, Mr. Zhou found that he bought two locks of the “key” could be open with each other, so Zhou thinks the Department of product quality and safety problems exist, but the manufacturer has denied, claiming that the product is “in the 21st Century High security anti-theft “, no quality issues. Chow huff, the matter to the local business sector was reported.

Investigation, Chow buy locks for the town of Ouhai Xianyan cents Village’s “Golden Globe Lock Co., Ltd. Wenzhou” production. Manufacturers to identify the two locks for the production of the same batch, because the lock cylinder pin is not fixed in place to produce quality and safety of the lock pieces? Any “key”, including the key lock Original, non-first wife and other co-key groove items may Solutions Kai. By the local business sector and manufacturers directly contact the manufacturer is willing to accept full responsibility and immediately recall the batch has entered the market model with the lock.

Missions to: Haikou one will buy the lock try to open Internet

Haikou market situation? This reporter visited Haikou Qiongzhou Road, Longhua Road, and a number of hardware stores, not yet found the locks produced in Wenzhou, also found no model for the “SL-2006” “Sen hunting” brand “Golden Globe Sen Hunting lock the unrivaled “lock. Prolific lock on the market from Guangzhou, Foshan and other places, there are clear lock, ball lock pin and other security, the use of materials are iron, copper, stainless steel, the price from two yuan to 80 of dollars, the price of ordinary anti-theft lock more than 50 to 60 per hour. General anti-theft lock with six keys, general out only three locks. Staff said that good quality stainless steel locks, but the price is high.

In the interview process, the reporter saw many consumers buy more when the lock is free, but the key is good to try to open, look at the locks of the materials and the purchase price, and does not require the owner to take two the same lock to see if it can open each other.

The owner, according to a hardware store, said under normal circumstances, the same batch of each lock key is not open.

Reminder: Some people buy a lock to note

It is understood that each open rate refers to the same lock in a certain amount within the stipulated time lock each other open to examination performance of a lock degree of confidentiality. Opening rate of each failure, his family appears to be someone else’s key opened the lock, or a key can also open the door several phenomena.

This, Haikou business sector that in recent years, the business sector often received similar complaints. When consumers purchase the best lock can try a few to, but also pay special attention to check the locks appearance, qualified locks work fine, unqualified and are very rough.

In addition, you can also listen to the voice lock, lock in the open when a qualified voice is sharp, often substandard lock surface scratch marks, with the key inserted, was relatively loose, the sound is quite dull when opened . SABUNG AYAM