Different treatment methods are available in markets for getting back the lost hair. Hair soil has been said as a hair growth perfect formula for growing the lost hair back on the scalp. This solution has been made for the men and it just goes into the hair roots. It is considered to be a very safe hair solution and after testing it has been proved to have no side effects. Even if you are quite aged and have lost your hair this solution gives you your hair back and you look like a young again.
The first important thing that needs to be kept in mind is to find the reason behind the loss of hair. See whether this problem of yours is genetic i.e. you have transmitted it from your family or it’s just due to say the increased pollution in the world. It may sound too odd but pollution has also turned out be a biggest reason for hair loss of so many people. If you find none of the two reasons behind your hair loss than check your life style. Check about your schedule your eating habits because stress and unbalanced diet also turn out be a great danger for hair loss.
If you are stressed than it takes nearly three months to get your lost hair back only if your stressed level has decreased. Similarly harmful chemicals may also be a reason behind your falling hair. Hair loss may also be a result of deficiency of essential minerals and vitamins but at the same time excess quantity of such minerals may also be harmful for your hair. Deficiency of iron is a big cause of many physical problems. Use of chemicals for hair styling, coloring, straightening also causes damage to hair and may stop hair from growing.
Hair fall is thought to be either because of the genetic history of that person or due to the chemotherapy which is done on the cancer patients and it’s also a part of that person’s family history. Hair fall has been diagnosed to be a reaction of hair follicles to dihydrogentestosterone (DHT). It is a hormonal derivative and it is based on the fact that how much are the follicles sensitive to this compound and their sensitivity is based on the genetics of that person.
Answers to baldness are the hair loss treatments that are available in the market now a day. There are thousands of such product easily available which include medical options, use of a specific shampoo (to control hair fall) or just choose some hair therapy to treat this problem.