Hair Loss Herbs and Other Ways to Regain Hair

It is typical for male individuals to go through hair loss as they age, and sometimes this occurrence begins as early as the teenage years. Women also go through hair loss. Their hair can thin out and even baldness can occur. There are several causes of this problem. The good news is, there are hair loss herbs that can fight against hair loss.

Before you medicate, you should first familiarize yourself with the reasons why this occurs in the first place. Typical reasons for hair loss are usual variation, scalp inflammation, hormonal imbalances, particular drugs, local trauma and psychological factors. In reality, everybody occasionally loses hair. This is a usual variation, where the hair is just undergoing its natural cycle. It is also entirely normal to lose a quantity of hair from combing, brushing, toweling, shampooing and rubbing.

Many problems like eczema, seborrhea, psoriasis and infections lead to patches of hair loss with a red and crusty scalp. A variety of hormonal problems like too much (or too little) thyroid hormones, insulin and testosterone are also found to lead to hair loss.

Medications such as steroids, chemotherapy and some diuretics can decrease levels of testosterone and minimize body hair. Local trauma can easily result in hair loss. Examples are wearing tight hair bands, cornrows, scratching, compulsive pulling and tugging. Finally, psychological factors such as anxiety, stress and depression are surprisingly typical causes of falling hair.

Herbs have been known to treat a wide range of conditions. Herbs can possibly regain hair due to their powerful components. They are also known for their zero side effects. Many herbs have healthy compounds such as flavanoids, which can be obtained from grape seeds, apples, barley, blueberries, rosehips and green tea. Japanese researchers have discovered that flavanoids, which are antioxidants, neutralize free radicals that can result in inflammation and damage hair follicles.

Essential oils like rosemary rinse out and prevent the buildup of sebum that block follicles, therefore encouraging hair growth. Nettle is utilized to manage dandruff and improve the shine of hair. Biotin is found to support nails and hair. Fleuthero can assist in minimizing general stress.

There are many other natural ways to deal with thinning hair. Aside from using herbal remedies, try to reduce stress, as too much strains and pressure can result in hair loss. Massage your scalp with a natural product such as a natural hair thinning lotion. Get enough sleep, at least 8 hours everyday, so that you can encourage healthy hair reproduction. Avoid rinsing your hair with hot water, minimize the use of hair care products like shampoos or dyes that have sulphate, and stay away from ingredients like propecia.

If you want to use hair loss herbs to treat your condition, there are some good products available. Look for a natural product that is fast-acting, without the side effects. A good product will be able to put an end to this condition as well as strengthen the hair follicles so that they are able to grow back healthy hair. Highly recommended ingredients are magnesium, saw palmetto and biotin. These can obstruct the development of DHT, which retards the hair loss process, and encourage healthy hair growth.