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Home Network News HC : With the advent of Shijiazhuang in a sudden storm, the temperature suddenly dropped by more than ten degrees, air-conditioning

Sell Gradually heat up, start a new round of promotion of small climax. Major air conditioning manufacturers have carried out last year’s promotion, a variety of air-conditioning sales myriad forms,

Oaks Is the layout in advance, to seize the market, can say that this air-conditioned winter promotional campaign rather Aspect:

Oaks Great Group buy warm this winter does not advocate the cold Hebei
It is understood that: Oaks for some time before the launch of activities to buy air-conditioning to send LCD, the market reacted strongly, and the breakthrough success. Consumers have said: Take

LCD TV As promotional items, met the first time, buy an air conditioner can remove LCD TV home, doing we really benefit. Feel really offer the consumer the same time, many industry experts for Oaks of generous amazed, and as everyone can see, this event is only Oaks Innovation

Marketing In microcosm. Recently launched by the Oaks offers air-conditioning can be said to be endless promotions. Recently, the Oaks took the lead in Handan of Hebei launched a “

Winter Large Group buy air conditioning send warm Oaks Day “activities. It is reported that during the event, two energy-efficient 51 Guiji Tuangou Jia was only 2,798 yuan, the price is very favorable. Oaks official said: these days the cold weather, Oak Sri Lanka air starting from consumer demand, particularly release Handongsongnuan activities. this offer, than that for the benefit of more than summer, while this event to prepare for us a rich and varied

Gift I hope we can continue to concern.
Ahead of time and ability to seize the first mover Oaks consumer demand
Promotion campaign Oaks fired the first shot in winter, can be said to have found the right point to meet with all of the consumer attitudes and consumption of increasingly rational conceptual change, winter to buy air conditioning are also gradually develop into a trend. First of all, avoid “cramming” type impulse buy, but also to enjoy the Oaks “Handongsongnuan” promotional activity, the more let, gifts and other benefits.

, Of course, the people of the winter heating methods are evolving to, said that as the increasing heating costs, many people are considering alternative heating, air conditioning is undoubtedly the best choice

Environmental protection Energy-saving but time-saving and ease, it also inspired a certain extent, the wishes of consumers to buy air conditioning.

Oaks warmth must get health insurance through a healthy and warm in winter
Oaks held high the banner of health for the consumer to create a new way of life, the pursuit of health is to tackle tough, continuous innovation, Oaks portable air-conditioning temperature control system, time care of your body health, in the air to kill bacteria, while positive and negative ions are kept healthy generation, clean air, to increase oxygen content of air to speed up the body metabolism rate to increase resistance to the invasion of you from cold wind and cold.

According to report, Oaks concept of health is not a simple function of the product promotion, but the consumer is responsible for long-term vision. The Oaks Air Conditioning on the advocacy of healthy living, not only provides users with healthy living conditions, but also for the Oaks sustainable development of their own health.

The trade, Oaks the success of each activity and its influence on product quality and brand are inseparable, but also fully embodies the consumer Oaks brand recognition, and first launched in Handan of Hebei The “Handongsongnuan Oaks Large Group buy air festival” activities, I believe that is bound to set off a rush to buy a small peak air-conditioning for 10 years to open a new chapter in the New Year sales. SABUNG AYAM