Heal The Body By THe Power Of the Mind

According to recent researches, the chemical byproduct of thinking can be found in body cells and that your thoughts influence on your immune system very much. This news is good for people who have already used the mind’s power as well as positive thinking so as to heal your body. From now on, a scientific base for their work and empirical evidence are available.


Biofeedback, for example, is a treatment technique in which people are trained to improve their health by using signals from their own bodies. It is used by physical therapists to help stroke victims regain movement in paralyzed muscles and by psychologists to help tense and anxious clients learn to relax. No one questions its use anymore, because people have demonstrated clearly that by using biofeedback, they can lower their heart rate, lower their blood pressure, stop headaches and other pain and much more. They are using their mind and emotions to control physical symptoms.(This actually is a good definition of hypnosis).


Some researchers say that we are walking pharmacies, able to manufacture those chemicals our bodies need to prevent illness and/or restore us to wholeness. The scientists have further discovered that the chemicals produced by thinking are found in every cell in the human body, not just in brain cells. So if we can produce our own healing chemicals with the mind at a cellular level, what is the logical conclusion? Can we, using our thoughts, manufacture the chemicals that prevent illness or bring about a cure and distribute them to the cells?


From these and other findings and questions, a new focus of study has emerged, that of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI). PNI is the study of the interactions between the mind, the nervous system and the immune system, and the relationship between behavior and health. In other words, science is discovering what the mystics have known all along. – that thoughts create our reality. This is spoken of throughout sacred writings: “As a man thinketh, so is he.”


Ponder it. Is there anything in existence that did not start as a thought before it became a reality? Depak Chopra says that if you want to know what you’ll be like in ten years, examine your thoughts today. You are creating your own reality, including the reality of health or illness by your thinking.


You can begin today to train your mind to think positive thoughts that result in an enhanced state of well being, which in turn improves the functioning of your immune system. Begin to think about those things for which you are grateful or that bring you joy instead of how angry you are at Aunt Mabel or worrying that you will catch the bird flu (or any of the dozens of ailments the news media warns you about). As you begin to be in control of your own thoughts and change them from negative to positive, you will begin to notice any number of lovely changes — emotionally, physically, and mentally. And the good news is that thought is one thing that does not have to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration.


If you need medical care, by all means see your primary care physician. In the meantime, begin to change your thinking from negative to positive. If you need help changing your thinking, see a specialist in positive thought therapy – a hypnotherapist.