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The Music Man: Peerless Preston reprises his Broadway function as sales man con guy Prof. Harold Hill who captivates an Iowa town with visions of uniformed marching band. Cast involves Robert Preston, Shirley Jones, Buddy Hackett, Hermione Gingold, Paul Ford, Pert Kelton, and Ronny Howard. (151 minutes, 1962)

Illicit: Self enough-minded Stanwyck cherishes Rennie, though does not want matrimony to tarnish her cheerfulness. This is a boring film with way also significantly talking. Cast consists of Barbara Stanwyck, James Rennie, Ricardo Cortez, Joan Blondell, and Charles Butterworth. (81 minutes, 1931)

Soapdish: A farcical comedy in reference to a soap opera queen who’s losing it, each on the show and in her life. Field and Kline are a treat to watch playing bigger than life characters, nevertheless Whoopi is trashed, Downey is miscast, and the script (by Robert Harling and Andrew Bergman) thinks that anxious is funny. Cast includes Sally Field, Kevin Kline, Robert Downey, Jr., Cathy Moriarty, Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Shue, Carrie Fisher, Garry Marshall, Teri Hatcher, Paul Johansson, Costas Mandylor, Stephen Nichols, Kathy Najimy, and Ben Stein. (95 minutes, 1991)

Chelsea Walls: Impressionistic ode to N.Y.C.’s fabled Chelsea Hotel and the ghosts of tormented inventive souls like Bob Dylan who influenced the present inhabitants, from a recently identified Midwestern folksinger to a booze-ridden novelist who could not get his act with each other. Cast consists of Kevin Corrigan, Rosario Dawson, Vincent D’Onofrio, Robert Sean Leonard, Kris Kristofferson, Natasha Richardson, Little Jimmy Scott, John Seitz, Uma Thurman, Mark Weber, Tuesday Weld, Steve Zahn, and Christopher Walken. (112 minutes, 2002)

Hail Mafia: Somewhat fascinating melodrama in regards to employed killers going soon after a witness that has witnessed mob activities. Cast consists of Henry Silva, Jack Klugman, Eddie Constantine, Elsa Martinelli, and Micheline Presle. (89 minutes, 1965)

Rhinoceros: This is the Eugene Ionesco entry into the “Show of the Ludicrous” makes remorseful shift from the stage to the big screen as sales rep Wilder declines to comply by turning into a mess. The entertainers try. Cast includes Nil Mostel, Gene Wilder, Karen Black, Robert Weil, Joe Silver, and Marilyn Chris. (101 minutes, 1974)

The Small Shop of Horrors: This is a classic black comedy in reference to youthful schnook who creates bloodthirsty plant and is created to kill in request to fuel it with human blood. Initially notorious as the film was shot In 2 days, however now believed to be 1 of Corman’s greatest films. Nicholson has comical component as masochist who flourishes on dental suffering Cast involves Jonathan Cloud, Jackie Joseph, Mel Welles, Dick Miller, Myrtle Vail, and Jack Nicholson. (70 minutes, 1960)

Following: A fascinating ultra low spending limit precursor to Nolan’s’Souvenir’, an additional nonlinear tale in regards to a youthful aimless guy who plans to stick to people, just for the hell of it till one particular of his “subjects” turns the tables and tempts him into his personal world, where he pillages vacant apartments and invades his victim’s lives. Cast contains Jeremy Theobald, Alex Haw, Lucy Russell, and John Nolan. (71 minutes, 1999)

Foxfire: An adaptation of a Joyce Carol Oates novel in reference to 4 higher school gals who form a clique soon after an enigmatic lady drifter comes to town. The cast tries nonetheless they are finished in by a terrible script that plays like an R-rated B film. Cast includes Hedy Burress, Angelina Jolie, Jenny Lewis, Jenny Shimizu, Sarah Rosenberg, Peter Facinelli, Streak Mihok, Cathy Moriarty, Richard Beymer, and John Diehl. (102 minutes, 1996)

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