Henry Liu’s Mastermind Mentoring Program Is Live

Henry Liu’s Mastermind Mentoring Program is open for registration now.

Henry just added 3 special bonuses that essentially double the value of his MMP… for more detail, please visit:

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If you are thinking about joining his program, go ahead and register today because there are only 50 seats available, I fully expect to be sold out in less than 48 hours as he did before in three previous opening…

The Mastermind Mentoring program is an Forex training DVD system with an automatic 30-day subscription to a Live Trade room and SMS trade signal service.  The main program consists of DVDs + 1 Resource CD, +1-month Live trade room access, +1-month SMS trades alert service, 1-month of Weekly Outlook Report, access to 17 pre-recorded online coaching videos.

Here is the information that I received from Henry Liu.

More details about this course:

DVD 1: Includes Advanced Trading Concepts that spell out the reasons behind my system. This is the part where you get insight and develop the confidence you need in trading my system. I believe for you to effectively follow my system you must understand the logic behind the system, so if the market changes in the future, you can still profit from my system by following its logic. Effectively, I’m showing you how-to fish instead of giving you a fish.

Then we’ll cover the three most important questions in Forex trading and how a seemingly unimportant fact could change your view to Forex trading forever. It’s through these important approaches that led to the discovery and perfection of my system; you’ll also get a complete overview of my trading system, where I explain what my trading system is all about. In this section you’re likely to get all of your questions answered, expect to get many “ah-ha” experiences here…

DVD 2: You’ll get everything you need to know about fundamental news analysis, the different ways of trading the news, and how to consistently profit from these news releases. This quick multi-part section is just a few hours, but I promise once you are through with this DVD, you’ll have everything you need to know to generate consistent pips before, during, and after news releases.

You’ll get specific guidelines to follow during news releases, including take profit levels, stop-loss levels, and where to get in the trade after a retracement. As a special bonus, I’ve added a special retracement calculation video in the bonus library showing you exactly how to calculate these levels.

The methods of news trading in this section are completely broker-friendly as you won’t have to deal with any slippage, widen spreads, or even platform freeze during news releases.

DVD 3: In this section you’ll discover the nuances and characteristics of each of the major currency. At the end of this DVD, you’ll know what kind of movement to expect from each these currencies, and most importantly you’ll gain a brand new perspective in Currency trading. This section covers seven major currencies including USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF, AUD, and CAD. You’ll know why GBP moves in such wide ranges, and why rising Crude Oil price effectively pushes down the USD/CAD pair. You’ll know why the CHF is considered as a safe-haven currency, and why during the time of crisis demand for USD rises despite of the Fed’s liberal use of its printing press…

This DVD will enhance your real world Forex knowledge and paves the way to connecting the dots of global events to the currency market, allowing you to be the first mover in huge market swings, before they happen.

DVD 4: This is the section you’ve been waiting for, the core essential of my trading system. You’ll get the inside scoop of my Market Cycle times, complete with a 24-hour breakdown and “how-to” effectively use this simple technique and force profits into your account like clockwork. You’ll also get my complete technical analysis arsenal, covering every single technique that I use when evaluating my trades. You’ll be able to improve your entries and exits immediately after this section, regardless of your current trading expertise. Then you’ll get detailed analysis over the daily cycles or better known as the 3-sessions/2-day rules. Understanding these simple market phases will enable you to predict market condition with a laser-like precision.

This section won’t be complete without a real-life evaluation video along with my trading checklist, and a daily to-do list where you can just follow these steps day after day, week after week, while watching your trading improve and your account grow.

DVD 5: This is the special section that covers every aspects of setting up your chart using my trading system. Although I don’t use a lot of indicators, I have designed several proprietary indicators for my own use, including the DLL (Daily Limit Levels).

These levels are based on statistical moving ranges, and when used in conjunction with my technical analysis, you’ll be shocked to the accuracy in pinpointing market reversals zones… I have been selling these levels on a subscription basis for $ 197 per month; it’s yours free with my course under a limited use license to install it on all of your trading stations.

I’ll also show you how my workspace is set up. I’m currently using 3 monitors and 3 different broker feeds; you’ll get my special trick to use these different feeds to your advantage, and sometimes a chance to exploit the differences for some surefire pips!

DVD 6: This is a special section on Money Management. As we all know money management is extremely important in trading, but what’s the best way to assure good monthly return while limiting the risks? I won’t just be talking about the principles of what you should or shouldn’t do, I’ll give you the exact same trade plans that I’ve been using to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars during the past 3 years.

As a special bonus, if you have not started trading with a live account, I’ll show you the most effective way to fund your account to minimize any potential losses. This is something that no broker will ever tell you, because it’s not in their best interest; if I had known this when I was starting out, maybe I won’t lose that $ 100,000 in my first year…

DVD 7: This is the special section on Mindset Workshop, especially designed to help you conquer your emotions of fear and greed in trading. It’s almost impossible to address these emotions and change them overnight, but if you understand what’s going on behind the scenes, you can learn to develop a sense of awareness and it’ll go a long way in helping you curb these self-destructive emotions. This is perhaps the most underrated section in my DVD set, but for any seasoned traders struggling for consistency, this section will change your life.

==> Visit Henry Liu’s Mastermind Mentoring Program Official Website