Hiring solo musicians in NJ to perform live for a rocking event

In case you are in charge of a family function or the next big event at your office, you must choose the perfect setting for all the guests to have a good time and that includes the music for the event in New Jersey.

There are several solo musicians in NJ today that are suitable to give outstanding live performances at big events. Nobody can match the professionals and just playing a couple of CDs won’t make the cut. From centuries, piano music has remained unaltered and certainly well-liked to the current day. For live performances you must choose an experienced artist and not some amateur on the street. When considering choosing a live performer, there is some stuff you have to remember to get the best for your event.

The first factor to think about is that does the musician gives you the impression of sounding phony? Is the artist doing an excellent job of portraying the true magic of piano in their live performance? If not then it is probably time to look somewhere else.

Do the hire solo musicians in NJ you are considering have a website of their own? Any performer that doesn’t have a website can not be thought of skilled, notwithstanding the fact that Internet has become a major part of our lives today. If a website is there then the website must have audio recordings, and live videos showing clips of their performances at various events. Audio alone doesn’t tell the entire story, however a real live performance video says it all.

Do they have any testimonials from past customers, or references? If not, better start looking somewhere else. Along similar lines, do they have a satisfied costumer list that they had performed for? Credits for corporate functions are significantly prestigious because it means that the act of this performer in question is of prime quality and pure talent. Such things should definitely be considered.

Is the show suiting your budget? Do they need a show that ranges to accommodate totally different configurations and lengths? Time of year and proximity to their performance will have an effect on rating. Also consider that, is the musical show entertaining? Is there any audience involvement? This could be evident in any promotional video you will be able to see on their website and decide for yourself.

Another thing you definitely need to consider is that the artist doesn’t only perform to earn some money from it; rather their performance is enriched by their deep appreciation for the music itself. This will help you to choose a true performer that will definitely make for a rocking event.
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Lee Nelson

Simon Brodkin is a British comedian who performs on the stand-up circuit and in comedy television series. He is best known for playing a character called Lee Nelson, but also performs as other comedy characters. Performing solo stand-up since 2004 (or earlier), he has also written for and appeared on the television shows Al Murray's Multiple Personality Disorder in 2009, and Lee Nelson's Well Good Show in 2010.

“As comic inventions go south London council estate geezer Lee Nelson is up with the best.”
Simon Horsford, The Daily Telegraph

“On the strength of the opening edition, Nelson, a baseball cap-wearing ‘sarf London’ geezer with a little Harry Enfield and even a strand or two of Norman Wisdom in his DNA, is surely destined for a bigger stage. His strengths lie in the quality of the material and the excellence of the banter with the audience.”
Martin James, The Sunday Times

“Nelson proves to be a decent update on the sort of character that Harry Enfield used to do so well in the Nineties. Kevin Bishop could learn a thing or two.”
Joe Clay, The Times