Holistic Effects of Edible Flowers

For generations your ancestors have put their life on the line, recording which plants are safe to eat and which are going to cause muscle spasms in the stomach. Luckily, for you almost every single plant has been tested and also has had the effects of ingestion recorded somewhere easily found online.

Flowers are beautiful, they make gardens pop and neighbors jealous, they give a fresh fragrance to the air and attract bees, and they also are going to be a great garnish on salads, so long as they are not poison. Check before you start throwing salads together whether the plants you are using are poisonous or not.

Flowers like bean blossoms are going to be perfectly safe to eat, and they are even going to have a bit of a bean flavor that is impossible to beat, unless of course you have a bean. These creamy pink flowers have a soft flavor that is going to melt in your mouth as you taste the velvety pedal of a flower among the coarse lettuce.

Adding flowers to salads is a great way to increase the appeal of a dinner; children often will not want to eat anything that is as boring and plain as spinach. So to feed them their fiber, add some nice dried cranberries and some feta cheese with a few flowers on the side to really spruce that meal up.

That is a salad that even the pickiest eaters will eat, and if they won’t eat it still all you have to do is add a little bit of chick in there. They won’t be able to not eat some lettuce, spinach, dried cranberry and flowers as they pick through for the chicken, and that is why the joke is on them.

The point of this awesome salad example is that whole foods are important to healthy diets. People who are not consuming the right amount of nutrients are going to be prone to disease, fatigue, and even slowed cognition.

Yes that is right, proper nutrition is going to affect every aspect of your life. You are comprised of three things: body, spirit and the mind.

The mind is your ability to reason and judge, to cognitively integrate the sensations of life into your knowledge. The body is your ability to sense, and the spirit is the emotional response to the sensations or to the cognition.

Start living the healthiest life you can, by living for your body, mind, and spirit. To do this you have to start eating healthy foods, and a fun way to do that is by eating flowers as garnishes.
Sabung Ayam