Hong Kong Stock Exchange: States United States Declined To Comment On The Case Of M & Paradise –

Said the resumption of trading before the announcement, Gome, Yongle spokesman sides are silent

2006 7 20, China Paradise (0503.HK) and Gome (0493.HK) is still in a state of suspension, both sides still no release of any official information, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange said trading on both sides “inappropriate to comment.” While there is news that the two sides will be released tomorrow after the rest of the official announcement on the matter.

Yang Qing, spokesman of Gome and Yongle Home Appliances spokesman Huang Jianping, said yesterday that all subject matter of a listed company announcements, there is still no news release.

Agreement in recent days to complete

There, according to a U.S. partnership with the country’s companies claimed that they received from the state beauty news is that although the United States in the takeover negotiations with the Wing-lok, there were many twists and turns, but the final purchase agreement will be completed in the last few days. According to the sources, in their company to do a project plan, according to this argument is already the country three companies combined US-Wing-lok, medium and large treated as a customer has.

Cooperation on the leak is under investigation regarding the statement, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Corporate Communications Department, said the message sent, the “Stock Exchange has always been not to confirm or comment on individual cases of listed companies, or the regulatory actions nor does the market rumors, news reports of individual views. “when will the resumption of trading on both sides of the issue, the Stock Exchange said,” I would have been during the suspension in the listed companies to maintain contact with the company and will require listed companies issued before the announcement on resumption of trading. “

GOME Paradise disclosure is not synchronized

Hong Kong Stock Exchange in accordance with established practice, suspension is generally not more than 3 days, but to Paradise has been suspended for four days yesterday, the country has also been suspended for three days the United States, there is still no sign of a resumption as saying, Gome and Yongle an unexpected turn in cooperation In addition to the reasons for price differences, it also lies in information disclosure on the inconsistencies. A source said that the United States and China Paradise in the negotiations before the two sides have been identified to be consistent to preserve it, and then completed the signing of an agreement with the suspension after the disclosure. But when China Paradise in the first suspension on July 17 after the July 18 announcement that the country is the United States in the tender offer Yongle thing. Chen Xiao said that the incident had told subordinates that say “This behavior is a country the United States a great insult to Paradise,” and angrily canceled appointments in Beijing, the two sides.

It is noteworthy that, although Huang Jianping do not know that for everything, for the States United States issued by the sudden announcement that surprised, but on July 19, he acknowledged to reporters, State and Paradise In fact, the United States had twice previously successful cooperation.


Huang Guangyu strike out Zhongguancun

Will replace the section of Wing Kei holding under the control of marine resources into the largest shareholder in Zhongguancun

A time when the country has ignited the U.S. Paradise acquisition occasion, Huang Guangyu in turn dealt heavy blows to Zhongguancun (000 931). Pull up a daily limit in Adversity, the Zhongguancun (000,931) yesterday announced major issues due to suspensions. Zhongguancun, close to people and close to the Thai investors, said Peng, Peng-Thai investment will replace the section of Wing Kei holding under the control of sea resources, access to the park’s majority stake.
But these people were not disclosed
specific change in the shareholding ratio, but the suspension has been hinted that the source section of Wing Kei’s holding and Wong Kwong Yu Hai Peng, Thailand’s investment has the proportion of change in shareholding agreement. The two sides will announce in the near future after the change of listed companies through the equity transfer agreement.

Previously, the park’s specific business initiative in the reorganization of Peng in the second-largest shareholder of Thai investment in the hands. This is in the Zhongguancun high-level personnel changes also are reflected, Huang Guangyu, chairman Wang Huisheng’s Eagle Real Estate office in Zhongguancun, general manager in mid-May, in June began a week of office in Zhongguancun.