Hot Barbecue Chicken

This is the hot chicken recipe that really got us hooked on barbecue. The juicy and spicy taste of this roast chicken made me forget all other chicken I had ever tasted before. Smoking whole chicken is really very easy, and if you like grilling whole chicken I’m sure that this fragrant grilled chicken recipe will soon be your favorite too. If you want to know how to smoke chicken, or how long it takes for smoking chicken, keep reading. There must be at least a thousand ways to prepare a chicken.

The whole chicken recipe described here below is one of our favorites. This is easy chicken, juicy chicken, spicy chicken, crispy chicken, you fill it in. Prepared in this way, even the cheapest chicken will taste fantastic. We normally use our small weber grills for smoking whole chickens, set up for indirect grilling, which will accommodate two to three chickens.

Go purchase yourself maybe a couple of your most loved chickens. The greater part of the times I purchase as well as can be expected get, however in some cases I likewise purchase a cheapo just to think about conclusive results. Wash the chickens under chilly running water, evacuate any free parts, dangling fat, overabundance skin, and so forth., and blotch dry inside and outside utilizing paper towels. Put the chicken on a perfect and dry surface, or in extensive non-receptive bowl, and apply a dry rub, inside and outside, spreading the rub with your hands and working it into all hole until you have a pleasantly and uniformly secured winged animal.

We have been using this rub on grilled chicken once or twice a month for two years now and it is an absolute winner. Prepare your Weber for indirect grilling. Picture of Weber barbecues set up for indirect grilling pour about half an inch of water in the drip pan. Some fanatics will replace the water with beer or wine. It may sound idiot, but you will notice the difference. Once the charcoal in my barbecue is glowing and grey, I put a few water soaked chunks of smoke wood on top of the charcoal. Because of the fairly high temperature of the charcoal fire during hot smoking, and to prevent the smoke wood from burning too fast, I soak my smoke wood in a bucket of water for a couple of days prior to use.

Chicken ready to go! With your barbecue all set and smoking, stick the chicken on the grill above the dripping pan. Get yourself a drink, sit down, check the fire, watch that whips of smoke curl up and follow a path to the neighbors. Read a book; listen to your favorite music. Relax. Try to resist peeking under the lid too often. Every time you open your barbecue you will lose heat, and the cooking process will take longer. After about forty five minutes or one hour of smoking, you should check under the lid to see if the chicken skin is not turning too dark. Once you like the color of the skin, cover the chicken loosely with aluminum foil and return the lid. After about an hour and a half of smoking without opening the lid too often, the chicken should be well done. For more information visit the site
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