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11 Golden Week tourism upsurge driven
Photo photo selling products from home appliances stores in the United States and other countries
Data show that the recent surge in sales of digital cameras more than 3 times. To this end, States United States specifically and the first-line brand Canon, Nikon and other deep cooperation, the country set up “SLR” camera display of shop, focused to show consumers the latest and most complete digital product.

It is understood that, near the Golden Week, the tourism market started to blow the situation, the information released from the tour to see this year as more than 11 a day of holiday, inspired the 11 tourism hot. Domestic travel in the “National Day military parade,” the concept of Beijing Tour and the “Expo” concept of the Shanghai market’s most sought after travel, in addition, 11 also includes Mid-Autumn Festival this year, intend to travel around with his family there are also many consumers. 11 golden week will significantly boost tourism upsurge of digital camera according to the product selling.

Further popularity with the SLR, the country has focused on the United States introduced a large number of SLR cameras and related
. “SLR camera is the camera according to market trends and national United States and other 3C store’s growth.” According to national U.S. based digital Minister left Xiaoqiang said, “Gome is a nationwide open key brand of professional camera experience counter, at present, has set up Canon EOS and Nikon SLR display counter display counter, display counter is now Canon EOS has more than 10 stores opened in the country, sales of these stores has accounted for 20% share of the EOS series. “
Hot Country United States
SLR Canon EOS display set up shop in the country

Tourism market with 11 starts, began selling a variety of travel products, from
, Wing-lok, home appliances, electrical appliances and triple large and medium trading companies see sales data entered in September, the digital products began to sell well, in addition to usual hot-selling digital cameras and card
, The appliance store to dedicate the SLR camera business, but also show the sales trend of soaring.

Left Xiaoqiang said that this year, the National US-SLR sales growth was linear, proportion has reached 30%, a growth rate according to the largest digital camera products. In preparation for the promotion, the country tens of thousands of United States Department of the National Procurement SLR cameras, especially the increasing popularity of mainstream models of purchases, such as Canon’s most concerned about the 500D, Nikon D90 and other popular types of purchases are will be about ten thousand units.

It is understood that the United States and the Canon has more than 10 stores across the country to open a “Canon EOS display counters,” to show consumers focus SLR Canon EOS series, according to the agreement, which not only introduced EOS SLR shop full line products, Canon will also be sent to the store professional
Personnel, to provide consumers with professional consulting services.
Beijing Gome’s Xibahe
shop, central Beijing Dazhong Electronics
Tower Museum and the new live medium and large electrical appliances shop in a Beijing market Madian Canon EOS display first shop. Left Xiaoqiang said, these results show very good store, at present, this country more than a dozen have been accounted for sales of EOS products within the system about 20%.

States United States plans to join forces other SLR brands Copy “Gome? Canon” promotion mode, including Nikon SLR line including the brand has also been launched in the States United States display counters. U.S. consumers in the country to experience the first time the level of these mainstream brand new professional cameras. SABUNG AYAM