Hot Pot Cooker: eat hot pot not to use alcohol and alcohol based

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Throughout the year, both north and south, hot pot can be when people preferred a delicious dinner. With the rise of the hot pot, hot pot of fuel has also been constantly updated in: from the traditional charcoal to gas, to the current solid alcohol,
Each has its own characteristics, each have their own shortcomings, “advocates” also of a main.
Wei Ling, 30 introduced variety of hot pot cooker has a “no open flame in the pot without volatile dedicated Cooker

However, with either fuel, but now people are pursuing science, security,
Environmental protection
. Currently the market is very popular fondue. Outside the restaurant in a small pot to use the most is the solid alcohol fuel and liquid alcohol. With the traditional charcoal, gas cooking fuel compared to natural solid alcohol is clean, convenient many; combustion when there is not much dust and charcoal free flying; in shabu halfway suddenly burn fuel, you can also always add surplus, they can be put aside to use next time. Is the case, so a lot of speculators, began to attack this piece of heaven and earth. But in the end how to make solid alcohol only more secure, green, environmental protection norms is not a reasonable standard. So, which produce the raw materials of solid alcohol is also a need to add variety, may contain ethanol, methanol, acetic acid salt, and even the existence of formaldehyde. Sometimes, when we eat hot pot smelled a sharp odor. This is because when the solid fuel combustion, the above mixed material and the ensuing oxidation reactions, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other gases, together with formaldehyde, methanol and highly volatile, so that a different mix of ingredients produce harmful gases, not only pollutes the air , but also harm people’s health.

A survey, if the volatile solid generated formaldehyde alcohol, not only can lead to cancer of nasal cavity and paranasal sinus cancer, and there is strong possibility of causing leukemia. If it is nevertheless a group of people crowded into the hot pot restaurant bites, then because of population density, poor air circulation, making it more difficult for dissipation of harmful gases, which increased the damage on the human body. Even more alarming is that many domestic restaurants are actually used is a liquid alcohol, which is very, very dangerous. Liquid alcohol supplier to deceive the public, like a new name: alcohol-based fuel. Alcohol-based fuels to consumers not only volatile substances in respiratory tract and cause serious eye injury, but also in the combustion of alcohol (methanol) vapor generated by evaporation of methanol poisoning can cause long-term in such a state, can cause acute methanol poisoning. It will lead to encephalopathy, metabolic acidosis, optic neuropathy, can cause serious and persistent sharp decline in vision blind. Even more frightening, the volatile substances in the air because of alcohol or smoking, and alcohol add inappropriate dragon disfigurement and burns caused by the frequent occurrence of accidents to the safety of consumers has brought great harm.

Therefore, in order to meet the people to pursue science, safety, environment, fashion, etc.. Wei Ling, 30, variety of hot pot cooker introduced with “no fire in the hot pot without volatile dedicated appliance, Wei Ling, hot pot cooker without any odor and harmful substances around the appliance to eat hot pot hot pot is not hot, convenient pick up” and so on. By the “China Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd.” insurance, allow people to purchase rest assured that when the peace of mind to use.

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