Household Electrical Appliance Enterprises Face The Loss Of The Most Important Reason Is Clear –

Recently, with the appliance Listing The introduction of the third quarter, company annual reports, news of the loss of numerous household electrical appliance enterprises. On the loss of reason, all seem reasonable and are also given different answers. In fact, I think, temporary loss of business is not important, it is important to clarify why the loss was, when the only loss.

05 companies each in the loss of household appliances, due to various factors. The macro level, the fluctuations in the domestic economic environment, economic development, human cooling after overheating, so that people’s pocketbook and covering tighter, once signs of deflation. Micro,

Steel Raw materials such as hikes and to the insistence on large-scale low-profit
Operation The company created an unprecedented
Pressure , Profit margins continue to drop, and even caused some businesses closed their doors.
Fact, we do not need to this year’s losses of these enterprises concerned and can not therefore to criticize China’s household electrical appliance enterprise development model. This kind of situation can not be our home appliance business development and growth of the negative reasons, the rapid development of household appliances enterprises started late remarkable achievement. In fact, we now need to do is to first find the root cause of a loss where, after a loss the next breakthrough thinking methods and path to achieve change in the new year.

The author believes that China’s household electrical appliance enterprises a loss of deep-seated roots in a number of electronic companies in this year’s

Strategy Transformation. The main idea of this transformation is the product
Sell Changes from low to high-end, while the enterprise
Operate Focus will have a corresponding surge in sales from heavy industry to shift operations to increase the quality of the profit, which is China’s home appliance business in the future the main direction of development. Include

Haier , Hisense , TCL Household appliances, including a large number of companies have made clear earlier this year farewell

Price war The value of war turned to a marketing strategy, the marketing system and the corresponding product category on a substantial adjustment. Even to enter the domestic market for many years

LG Group, in upholding the years
Localization Context, also made strategic adjustments to fully implement the high-end strategy, conditionally given up the original large-scale growth followed.

Face of this transformation, enterprises certainly need to pay for the transition. And such costs for the development of domestic enterprises, it is very obvious. Low-end sales decreased in the high-end product sales is also a lack of stable support, overall sales decreased. The corresponding advantages of scale not reflect the original scale of production and supporting

Marketing Organization Structure of consumption has steadily increased, loss of naturally occurring.
Next, for the loss of home appliances enterprises, it is particularly important, how to profitability? Now, enterprises are taking the right path, the problem is still walking the lack of methods. For example, if an enterprise directly raise product prices, consumers certainly can not accept the short term. The reason is that enterprises

Brand Value of the lack of high-end product sales support. So enterprises must strengthen the construction of brand meaning. In the product itself, as our appliances started from imitation, so a lack of technological innovation and trend-edge, natural enterprises engaged in development have to work hard, then again faced with how to balance technological innovation and marketing innovation and the relationship between After all, the strength of Chinese enterprises is still limited.

Now appears that the next home appliance enterprise in China is also a lot of things to do, not let this small loss of tripping, after all, is the fact that, while we are able to grasp the development of tomorrow! SABUNG AYAM