How About Mizuno JPX E-METAL Fairway Wood ?

I Highly Recommended Mizuno JPX E-METAL Fairway Wood.If you have never try it you can not know how amazing it  is.

 I was able to spend the last week playing around with JPX E-METAL so I thought I’d give some feedback on these market models even though people are probably sick to death of hearing about theJPX E-METAL with all the exposure this line got this year. Mizuno  is one of the most if not the most focused American brands in the Japanese market. With exclusive models released just for Japan and  top models like the Mizuno being released first in USA before anywhere else in the world, Mizuno has always given that extra little attention to the demanding the market.


 Terrific distance, outhits my driver nearly 50 percent of the time.  (Odyssey Backstryke 2-Ball Putter)This 3-wood outhit my old Callaway Warbird by 15 yards. Superb accuracy. I would recommend this club to all handicapo levels. Eventough the clubface is under 240 cc’s, it is hard to miss the sweatspot on this wood.


I found the club to be more difficult to draw than my old 3-wood. The club is generally very easy to hit even for me, being a 20 handicap, but I think that it is a bit small, often punishing you on those less than perfect swings. The club’s paint was really the only downside. It began to come off quickly on the toe after only 2 months after purchase. The face of the club seemed to hold up for about 5 months, but now after 16 rounds it has some nicks and scratches.


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