How Can I Learn French Fast?

If you’re determined to learn French fast, the first thing you need to do will come as welcome news. First, get rid of the tedious materials. These materials include phrasebook courses and recorded materials that are nothing more than listen and repeat exercises. Next, think fun.

If you want to learn French fast, it’s important that you can stay engaged in the lessons. The easiest way to do this is to make sure that the materials you’re using are entertaining. Contrary to popular belief, being entertained and learning are not, by any means, mutually exclusive things. In fact, they often go together quite well. When you have materials that are equally entertaining and educational, you’ll find that language acquisition comes much faster.

To get the maximum benefits out of your studies, there has to be some measure of success built into them. With phrasebook courses, you’ll really only know if you understand French any better or not when you’re required to speak it on the fly. When you find out that people don’t speak French in neat, grammatically proper phrases as they do in most courses, you’ll likely be at a loss. What you need are examples of people speaking French spontaneously and casually. Musical plays are actually some of the best learning materials for this effort.

When you’re trying to learn French fast, remember that anything that helps you to notice when you’ve made a breakthrough is important. Whether or not you’re an adult, you need the occasional pat on the back, from yourself or someone else, to keep your mind focused on the task at hand. With a play or a musical, you’ll notice as you understand more and more of the plot. Because the language is delivered in an expressive way, you can immediately notice when you start to understand why, for example, a character is sad, happy, lonely or worried. This provides you with instant feedback.

If you want to learn French fast, put the fun back into learning! The most enjoyable part of learning, for most people, is knowing for certain that you’ve developed new skills and knowledge. When you can verify this for yourself and when the reward for developing those skills is the ability to understand something entertaining, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. Focusing on your accomplishments prevents the sometimes hard work of learning from becoming drudgery.