How Can I Win My Wife’s Trust After Cheating? Follow These 6 Easy Steps!

Yes I have sinned. I have had an illicit affair and now regret it. While I want to come back to my wife, the question that bothers me to death is how to win my wife trust after cheating? If this scenario seems familiar to you, your predicament is understandable. The good news is that you can win back her trust if you follow these 6 easy steps:

1. Trust like Rome is never built in a day but can be lost in a matter of minutes. Now that you are keen to learn how to win my wife trust after cheating, take the first step and that is cease all contacts with this other woman. No more mails and messages leave alone clandestine meetings, etc. Even if this is going to cause hurt, you are doing it for a good cause.

2. To win my wife trust after cheating, the second step is to beg for her pardon. There is nothing better than a sincere apology, to convince her that you are trying to get back. Obviously the widening need gaps in your relationship have not been addressed at the right time in the right manner. But when you are trying to win back her trust, you have to take all the blame on your shoulders and apologize not just for causing the hurt and embarrassment but also for your mistakes and shortcomings.

3. Perhaps more than your constant company, your hurt wife needs repeated reassurances that such aberrations are not going to happen ever again. The blind trust which she had in you has taken an ugly beating and to win my wife trust after cheating, you would have to repeatedly tell her that you have come back for good. However it might take a long time for her to get convinced.

4. Open up the blocked channels of communication. Use kind words and talk about things which ought to cheer her up rather than throw her back into depression. Reassure her of the bright and loving future that you plan for her.

5. If you want to know about a quick way to win back the lost trust, spend as much quality time with her as possible. Going for a romantic holiday, dining at a cozy restaurant holding hands, watching one of her favorite movies together are some ideas. Remain simple in your approach because it is your sincerity that is under a scanner and not your intentions alone.

6. Start confiding in your wife again if you are wondering how to win my wife trust after cheating. Every wife want their husbands to open up their hearts to them and this is one sure way to win back her trust fast. Talk to her about whatever is happening in your life, including your work scene. If you had missed her presence during the ‘affair’ days, mention that too. This is very reassuring for her.

Unfortunately there are no text book formulas which can guide you through the process of winning back trust after cheating. Play by the ear and whatever brings you emotionally and physically closer to your wife – do not hesitate to follow your instincts.