How Do I Fix Xbox 360 1 Red Light (E74 Error) ?

Have you switched on your Xbox 360? Are you getting 1 lower right hand side flashing red light that normally has a message on the screen saying “E74 Error”? So, you must find a way to repair your console. Here are some information about the Xbox 360 E74 error and the way you can give up it!

Well the E74 error is caused by the console overheating and the exact part that overheats on the motherboard is called the HANA chip, this deals with the display for your console (so you need it to work basically!).

All you need to do to stop this error and get back to your games is stop the heat build up within your console and there are a few ways that you can do this.

Firstly you can of course contact customer support and they will get you to go through a few actions like unplugging the console, removing the hard drive and clearing the cache, and I daresay it will not work for you. Then you will have to send it in and wait for a good 6 weeks for a fix which is not fun to say the least.

So what other choices do you have to fix the E74 error?

Well you can fix it yourself if you make sure that you get a good Xbox 360 Repair guide that will show you with videos how to stop the heat build up, and although this does sound quite difficult to begin with it is really not that hard.

As long as you make sure that you get a good Xbox 360 Repair guide with a preview video and also a full guarantee then you cannot go wrong! Even if it does not work for you well you can just send it in and then they will have to fix it for you, but you have not lost anything trying!

I hope this article has told you a bit more about the Xbox 360 E74 error and how you can fix it fast and hope you get back to your games soon!