How Do I Sell on eBay? Top 3 Tips

How do I sell on eBay? That question is asked so many times during the day, every single day, by people who want to break into eBay to start generating an income for themselves.  It’s very possible, and very LIKELY, when you take the right steps towards building a business on the world’s largest marketplace.

Tip #1 – The way that you physically sell on eBay, is very simple.  You put up auctions, and the customers make bids.  The winning bidder pays you the money and you ship the products to their location of choice.  Simple, huh?  So where’s the tip?  Well the tip here is that it’s not always easy making sales on eBay automatically.  You have to sell stuff that people want.  You need the buyers to want to buy whatever it is you’re selling.  This is the reason why people who simply stroll into eBay thinking they will generate an income fail at doing so.  It takes a little bit more than randomly choosing things at your house and putting them up for sale. Don’t run into it blindly!

Tip #2 – Keep your costs low.  You don’t want to give them any fancy shipping, or any other features that will just add to your cost.  Especially when beginning, you want your profit potential to be very high.  So this means your costs have to be on the floor, very low, so you have enough in profit to pay for any unexpected charges.  Keeping your costs low is the best way to grow your business exponentially.

Tip #3 – Have a good reputation!  Nothing stops more customers from purchasing with a specific buyer than a bad reputation.  You can have a negative score on eBay, which means people haven’t been happy with your service.  Make sure you get positive “feedback.” This will give people more confidence in doing business with you.