How Do You Say I Enjoy You In Thai

So, you have connected with a beautiful Thai girl and you would like to inform her I enjoy you in Thai or even query if she likes you or to let her know she is cute. You have tried in English and somehow she just isn’t understanding. At times the language of the heart can be tough even when you speak the very same language. How will you let this attractive Thai lady know just how you feel?

You might be shocked that even though the Thai language is tough for Americans, it really is really relatively basic to at least understand some beneficial phrases which you can use to impress your Thai girlfriend. And when you use these phrases, even if not spoken exactly appropriate, your Thai girl will be ecstatic that you have taken the time to discover her language.

Here are a few phrases of enjoy that will go a lengthy way in letting your lady know how you are feeling and determining how she feels. Don’t permit the spoken language barrier block the words of your heart.

chan rak khun – I adore you

khun suay mak – You are extremely gorgeous

khun na-ruk mak – You are quite cute

khun tam hai pom mee kwarm sook – You make me happy

pom kit teung khun – I miss you

pom sot – I am single

khun chorp pom reu blao – Do you like me? (For yes the reply is “chorp” and for no the reply is “mai chorp“)

khun mee faen reu yung – Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? (For yes the reply is “mee” and for no the reply is “mai mee“)

ben faen pom dai mai – Can you be my girlfriend? (For yes the reply is “dai” and for no the reply is “mai dai“)

pom kit wa pom lengthy rak khun – I feel I have fallen in enjoy with you

hua jai kong pom ben kong khun – My heart is yours chan rak khun mak leeuy – I enjoy you so much

joop dai mai – Can I kiss you?

tee rak – sweetheart or darling

khun keu yot ruk kong pom – You are my sweetheart

That’s all I’ve got for now, I will post far more helpful phrases for Thai love and Thai love phrases in the future so you can speak of matters of the heart better with your Thai lady. Please inform me if there’s anything certain you are curious about.
Sabung Ayam
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