How I Fell in Love With Exercise

I had never been a gym rat in my school days. In fact, I hate to move my feet at all. Everyday after school, I would rather sit in front of TV and become a couch potato. I can just sit there all day long and let myself stick on the sofa whole day. This had become my happy hour of the day.

Only when my BMI hit the dangerous zone, I started to realize I need to do something about my body. I was overweight and always fall sick. I started to understand how important health is and how it can actually affect my life. At that moment, I tell myself I need to stay healthy for the rest of my life.

So I started my exercise journey. Basically I will move my body with all the given opportunities. I stop using escalator and lift, and turn to staircase instead. I abandon my TV remote control and walk towards TV to switch channel manually. I tried to walk as much as I can and cut down driving my car.

I never feel so energetic and happy before. I stay active all the time and I can easily climb 5 stories of staircase without any difficulties. As I’m walking more than driving a car, it also helps to cut down my expenses and save some money. Every morning I would go the neighborhood park for a walk. This habit also keeps me closer to the nature. I fell in love with the sunshine and flowers.

I received good news in my recent body checkup. My BMI had back to normal level and I’m proud to be healthy again. This means all my exercise efforts had gain return – a healthier me. However my exercise journey won’t stop here. In fact, I will continue to practice all my exercise habits and maintain them for the rest of my life.