How I Prepare Chicken At Home

Would you like a great chicken recipe which is easily prepared? Here is what you need for the salad: turmeric powder, garam masala, tomato, red chile, garlic, green leaves, ginger, salt, water, onion, oil, and chili powder. First clean the chicken nicely, then cut it up into pieces.

Make the masala elements into a paste before you begin to cook. Take the garam masala and onions and put them in a fying pan; fry them; put it all in the mixer/grinder and create a paste. Then put ginger and garlic into the mixer/grinder and create another paste.

Then after pour the garam masala into the chicken and some cutted tomato into it so that it give the nice flavour to the gravy.After that put the dry chicken into the panel after the water is dried pour the garlic ginger paste into the panel and heat in the sim flame it gives the beautiful smell to the gravy.

Mix in enough chile powder to spice it up to the degree you like it, then stir in some red chiles. This will really ramp up the flavor of the gravy. And if you add a teaspoon of powdered tumeric, it will not only add to the taste, but imbue it with the medicinal qualities of the spice. Oh, and if that isn’t tasty enough for you, sprinkle enough salt on it to instill the desired assertiveness.

Then mix all the mixtures and pour 200 ml of water into the maximum leval avoid oil because chicken itself have some fat contents so avoid oil otherwise if you want add 2 tea spoon oil it make your dish more delicious .

After 20 mins open the plates and taste the gravy if the oil an chille is not enough for you add some more salt and chille and again pour 50ml of water and close the pan for another 10 mins and then before off the burner add some green leaves to it .And keep it closed for 20 min .

so that it gives more taste to your recepie. After off the gas convert the dish into a good bowl and again add some green leaves and some pieces of tomato to decorate the dish. Serve the receipe with hot rice and with chappathies it give more taste.
Sabung Ayam

chicken dancing?

Sabung Ayam