How Significant are Chicken Runs for Chickens Health?

While there are numerous websites out there promoting the usage of chicken runs and marketing them to no end, few of them give you the real reason behind their significance. If you have a relatively small flock and you can take care of them or keep an eye out for them whenever you let them free, then probably you might think that you don’t really need a chicken run. But the reality is far from it. The first thing that you need in such circumstances, is to take into consideration as to how your hens are living. Not having a chicken run integrated or as an extension for the coop that you have, can result in serious health repercussions for your hens. How? Let’s have a look at the circumstances that your hens live in and the obvious effects of these on their health.

Here’s how life is, from the Hens’ Perspective

● The world isn’t big. It’s confined within the walls of the coop. The sun’s rays seldom enter here, and there’s little space to roam around. Food is served, eaten, and digested right here within these confinements.

● Ventilation is there, but can be a concern sometimes. Other than the obvious problems of the ventilation not being enough or there being a scarcity of fresh air, sometimes, there is a chance to go outside this world.

● The world outside seems to much more extensive. Greenery, a lot of fresh air, sunlight, whatnot! The place outside this coop seems livelier and one that deserves roaming around.

So the above snippets gave you an idea as to what might the hens think from living inside the coops.

And the Contrast

But what happens when you introduce chicken run kit extensions? The first thing that you will immediately feel even yourself is the peace of mind. While before you could seldom take out the hens and even when you did, you had to keep a keen eye for their safety; now you can just let them decide. Whether it’s raining or the sun is too harsh on some day, the hens can move out to the chicken run or go back inside the coop as they wish! With a larger space, there is minimal congestion as well since too many hens don’t feel crammed into a small area.

Once you consider all the health benefits that your hens have once they get the plus-sized area thanks to the chicken runs, you will be bound to procure one. But from where? There are numerous suppliers in the UK who claim to provide the highest quality chicken run kits in the UK, but EggShell Online is a name that has garnered great popularity thanks to positive customer feedback. You can go ahead and get in touch with EggShell Online and expect to get chicken run kits at highly competitive prices! For more information visit:
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