How Spoof News Satirists the Every day Squib Changed the Course of History

Throughout the U.S. election Democratic primaries nomination fight of 2008, polls indicated that Hillary Clinton had ultimately overtaken Barack Obama and seemed poised to win a shot at the White House as the very first ever female president of the United States. She had rallied the Democratic party base. She had electrified the American men and women. She also had her husband, Bill, firmly behind her waving a banner and she had firmly established herself in the consciousness of her countrymen as the surefire presidential choice that would make history.
Then, one thing actually astonishing occurred, the Everyday Squib, a maverick British satirical outsider published an outlandish piece of spoof news that shook the heart of America. The Every day Squib headline ‘Ku Klux Klan Endorses Obama’ went ballistic, the slogan even turning up at election rallies with Obama telling men and women to ‘quieten down already’. The tag line for the Everyday Squib write-up was a perfectly photoshopped banner held by Klan members with the slogan ‘KKK Something better than Hillary. Vote Obama’. Who have been these spoof news upstarts from the U.K.? The story went viral and quickly became the No1 subject of conversation in America. Practically overnight, Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers started to drop precipitously as the arrayed forces of electronically transmitted satire propelled Obama over the shoulders of Hillary Clinton’s positive issue. Prior to you knew it, Clinton was superseded by Obama who went on to became the very first ever African president. For the very first time in American history, a presidential candidate had noticed all her hopes and dreams undone by the sheer emotive power of naked, unbridled satire.
No one can doubt that 2008 was a genuinely effective time for satire and the viral power of the net was its vociferous piston driving home a message of hope, clarity and racial harmony. How factors have been to modify thereafter.
The unbridled accomplishment of the Daily Squib quickly soon after encouraged several other satire/spoof news websites to pop up all over the world wide web attempting to capitalise on the satirical revolution it had engendered.
Naturally, with the flood of each Joe and their dog beginning a spoof news web site, this in turn muddied the waters and managed to saturate the already crowded web, consigning it to a plethora of internet sites basically vying for site visitors and marketing revenue through populist banal headlines with not a lot satire involved.
Through the mire, the Daily Squib managed to inflict rational thought on more severe subjects like religion, taking swipes at the fascistic behaviour of America’s TSA, and level some horrific satirical warnings of what might come in the future causing mass hysteria in the Middle East, it even managed to encouraged Paris Hilton to join Islam.
As opposed to many other publications, the Every day Squib has never advertised, is not funded by any corporation or organisation, is not affiliated to any political party or religion, and has quite limited resources in spite of its lengthy list of spoof get in touch with addresses. It as a result languishes in the outer reaches of the corporate pool, a satirical maverick with a cult following and no monetary support. If there ever was a spoof news website that followed the tenets of Juvenal, and accurate satire then the Daily Squib wins its twisted crown of digital thorns.