How To Advertise Effectively Online For Increased Profits

As an internet marketer, the one main key to making profits online is by advertising.

You can advertise several things at once even, including:

– Your own program, service or products…
– Other people’s programs, services or products as an affiliate.

:: How Can You Stay IN Profit?
The way to ensure that you remain in profit each month is to promote the products, programs and services that cost you money each month. By doing this, your outgoings will be self-liquidated by incomings from affiliate commissions.

Typically, if you own your own products, then you’re making pure profits by promoting your own products — and THAT makes good business sense if it’s possible.

But many people, especially those who are new to internet marketing, aren’t completely sure about the available sources of getting new prospects to their web sites.

This article is going to give you 12 different ways to attract site visitors to your site to view your offer. It will also give you a new marketing tool that you can utilise in your every day marketing to save you tonnes of time and effort. You’ll love it!

:: What Advertising Methods Can You Utilise?
There are many advertising methods that you can utilise, but for the sake of this article, we’re going to stick with free methods mainly — the reason being that most people starting out don’t have the funds required to continually use paid promotion methods.

Here are some good suggestions for free marketing that you can easily utilise:

– Banner advertising – Don’t believe the hype you hear about it being useless. On the contrary, banner advertising can be a great passive method of attracting new prospects, as long as your banner is professionally made and compels viewers to click it.

– Ezine advertising – You just can’t go wrong with this method, because for one — the audience is warm. They’re people just like you who subscribe twice, in most cases, to receive quality information. Your offer will fit into that niche right?

– Text advertising – These are great little eye-catchers, as long as you take the time out to construct your ad like a google ad… to literally attract attention by using keyword-laden, eye-catching text in the subject line and content. It’s definitely worthwhile to research your subject topic before creating ads, and use copy that attracts attention and change it to suit your personal offer.

– Link Exchanges – There’s absolutely no doubt that exchanging links increases your Page Rank and Popularity ratings with major search engines. It just makes good business sense to have as many incoming and outgoing links to your web sites as possible!

– Co-Registration Joint Ventures – Did you know you can build your list so easily by participating with other like-minded businesses online to build your credibility and exposure? These can be time-consuming, but it definitely depends on the link exchange system that you’re utilsing to conduct the link exchanges in the first place. [That means, forget about the manual email way and utilise a good online link exchange system script instead! Save HOURS of work and effort.]

– Traffic Exchanges – These are a great way to increase the hits to your web site and to get people viewing your web pages. Usually it’s a good idea to utilise splash pages, or lead capture pages in traffic exchanges. The reason for that is that you need to capture the viewer’s attention quickly and it’s easier to do that with a splash page that stands out. There are different types of traffic exchanges online including physically surfing and clicking the next button to progress to the next web page, or autosurf exchanges that automatically move onto the next web page. They’re a good way to keep abreast of the latest programs that are available online as well.

– Classified advertising – I don’t know about you, but I often read classified ads in ezines, just to keep abreast of what’s going on, what’s new and the latest offerings online. And which ones do I click on? The ones with the eye-catching headline and the teasing copy that compels me to click through to the advertised link… (tracked of course – then you know you’re dealing with a professional). How about you? Think about what YOU do and copy that click-attracting method. It simply works.

– Articles – Can you write articles? Well in this day and age, it doesn’t matter if you can or not. There are so many guidelines you can follow and software applications to practically do it for you… or download from libraries… If you’re lucky enough to have the ‘gift of the gab’, simply say what comes from the heart and soul and you’ll have written a winning article. But of course, you DO know that apart from giving very good information in the article, you need to have a killer resource box right? Because when someone enjoys your article, the next natural step to take is to read the resource box and click through to your recommended web site. TIP: Make your resource box brief, informative and like the best classified ad you’ve ever written. 😉

– Blog advertising – Essentially one of the quickest ways to be listed online through Google, using their blog system (or many others) is a wonderful way to turn up highly ranked in search engines and to have your web site linked to in many ways. If you don’t have your own blog yet, checkout the search engines for blogs and start your own ASAP!

– Search engine listing – Well need I say that if you aren’t in any of the major search engines, then no one will find you. Period! It’s a must-have requirement to be listed in the major search engines. Just ensure your main web page is search engine optimised to include a good title, description (like a google ad) and includes relevant keyword metatags.

– Solo ads – Well these are the BEST way to advertise online, because you capture the reader’s undivided attention. The only thing they’re seeing is your ad. Did you use a must-read headline and extra good solo ad copy? If so, then you’ll have success. Please don’t think you can send out crap in a solo ad and expect a conversion rate of any kind. It just WON’T happen. People are very busy out there. Just remember that and write appealing copy.

– Web 2.0 – Have you made the move to Web 2.0 yet? It’s an incredible happening and something that we’ll cover in another article. But you’d better bet your bottom dollar that you can’t ignore it or forget the absolute power that audio, video and social networking holds for your business. Just ensure you find out more about it and utilise it in your marketing strategies for 2008 and beyond, and you’ll make out just fine. 😉

These are just a few examples of the mainly free methods that you can utilise to promote your business, but know in advance that having a marketing plan in place helps you to keep on top of what needs to be carried out and when. Organisation is the key to optimum promotion.

Not only that, but it does take time and effort — just little money — to perform these must-do marketing tasks. But if you want to save time and effort, you can always pay for good quality services to carry out the tasks for you. One replaces the other… Just search the internet and listen to recommendations from online associates for good services that can help you to promote your business effectively.

As long as you can promote consistently and play the ‘numbers game’, which always includes tracking, testing and tweaking to get your offer through the number of interested prospects, then you simply can’t go wrong.

I wish you all the very best with your future marketing and hope that you can take the initiative to look up some of the methods that I’ve mentioned in this article, and put them to good use for your increased business profits!

Imagine how good it would be to had everything mentioned above ALL done for you… well almost… for every month of the year? If you’ve been online for any length of time now and realise just how much time, effort and funds are required to REALLY promote your business, then you should try automating your advertising as much as possible.
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