How to Approach a Woman Or a Girl

I like to use some women at a bar to illustrate this. Though that is not the basis of this article, I will talk about other ways later. You will believe me that women don’t usually visit the bars alone, they go in groups. It’s not easy to approach a group of women because it can be extremely daunting if you don’t know what you are going to do. You can get insulted by groups of girls and like a pack of wolves they can rip you apart. I have watched men be totally ignored and have drinks poured on them.

When you approach women the right way, then you will win a girl in the midst of many of them. I wonder what you had in mind what I suggested approaching groups of women. I know some guys won’t find this funny at all. I believe that many guys do not have the initial confidence to approach a beautiful girl they don’t know. Don’t worry, it can be solved easily. The hypno-date method can be used to increase a man’s confidence to women and it works through the power of self-reprogramming so even your shyness can’t overcome it.

How to Approach A Girl in the mall

Step 1. Take a walk around the shopping mart and when you catch a woman’s eye, smile at her, more often than not, she will smile back at you. To begin this, you can try this with shop employees. They will smile back even when they don’t want to. Good trial.

Step 2. When you’ve got much confidence in making eye to eye contact and a smile with an attendant, you can then move on to try this with another woman in the mall. I don’t mean you should smile in a weird freaky way. Just make it nice and friendly. Most women will smile back at you.

Step 3. This one might look a little bit weird but it does help. If you practice with much trial it will make a great difference. Say “hi” in addition to a smile to a woman. It could be horrible at first if you are not confident but after sometimes it will be relieved. After you’ve tried smiling and saying hi to 10 to 15 women, you will get used to it and start to feel good. Try not to quit if any of them reply with a negative response, you might add “I mean no harm”. Even though it does happen, you have practice how to get used to snubs from women if you want to be successful with girls. They are many methods you can use to create a huge confidence, most won’t make your heart beat fast as the mall one. I go into others in my book.

Let me say you’ve got some guts to approach a woman you’ve never see before in a bar. The coolest place to pick a girl is that spot where you won’t have to compete with other single and looking guys.

First and foremost, let’s do these with two girls sitting together at a bar. One is beautiful while the other is not. If you like any of them, go up to her and talk to her immediately. In a matter of 3 seconds of sighting them, approach them. This is called the 3 seconds rule and it works as the name implies. When you see a girl you like, it’s not always cool to think about the approach or you will find yourself in a state where your approach won’t be effective. Always meet a woman from the side and never from behind.


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