How to Attract a Woman – 5 Tips That Will Change Your Life!

Is actually quite easy, once you know how to attract a woman and the good news is, that looks don’t matter! In fact, once you know what you need to do to attract a woman, you will find you have them falling at your feet, regardless of what you look like!

Women are emotional creatures by nature, so while looks may be a part of the attraction, it’s how you portray yourself from the inside that really gets their hearts fluttering.

So to attract a woman, there are a few simple things you need to do, in order to improve your chances of success, as follows:

1. Don’t come on too strong

Don’t show too much interest in them either, as this will make you look like you are desperate or needy. This is a big turnoff for women, so it is important you play it cool instead.

2. Confidence

As opposed to arrogance, confidence is a huge turn on for women. Confident men have an air of superiority that outshines those who lack confidence. Whether most women would like to admit it or not, they want their man to be somebody who can protect them, and have the confidence to do so. There is however a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and while it is okay to talk about yourself, it shouldn’t be the only thing that you talk about. You are better off showing more interest in what she has to say rather than what you want to say. She will love that you care enough to listen to what she has to say.

3. Humour

You don’t want to be the class clown so to speak, however if you are able to make her laugh it helps to break the tension. This means she will feel more comfortable around you, and will enjoy spending time with you. If you’re too serious, you will come across as dull and boring.

4. Eye contact

Without staring, look her in the eye when you’re talking to her, and smile and nod appropriately. This shows her that you are listening to her, but also that you have the confidence to look her in the eye, and again it is confidence that women like in men.

5. Don’t be too available

This is kind of like playing hard to get, but probably not as hard as you think. For example, when arranging to meet up sometime, explain that you have plans on a specific date, but then suggest another time. This will show her that at this point you have a list of other priorities, and that at this stage she is not at the top of that list. It kind of gives the feeling of wanting what you cannot have!

Once you know how to attract a woman, and once you understand that it is really how you act on how you are the inside that makes a difference, and not your looks, you will find that you will not ever have any trouble attracting women into your life.