How to Attract Women – Using the “Charm Method of Seduction”

Men often wonder to themselves what it would take to turn into the kind of guy that women would simply adore to be with. Indeed, there are particular characteristics that women worldwide seem to deem as charming. The great news is that it is possible for you to copy such traits and turn into an actual charmer yourself.

Men with charm have the ability of easily attracting women, and often it is the women who will end up chasing the charming men. Wouldn’t you simply love to be in a situation where women would be after you instead of vice versa? Now you can be. Simply keep reading to find out the tactics you can put to use to attract tons of women with your charm.

How To Be A Charmer – And Seduce Women Out Of Your League

Tip #1: “Understand The Female Psyche”

First and foremost, we should take a look at the average woman’s psyche. Women tend to be programmed by nature to judge guys based on their first impressions upon meeting him. Because of this, there is a single thing that men need to work on: the first impression that they make.

Some experts in the world might say that looks do not matter. And although this may be somewhat true, as there is no need to be drop-dead gorgeous, you at least have to be presentable and neat.

Tip #2: “Use Pleasure-Pain Techniques”

Human behavior actually tends to be driven mainly by two sole factors: the need to get pleasure and the need to stay away from pain. By making use of this particular concept, you would wish to associate every piece of pleasure to your presence and every bit of pain to your absence.

A very powerful method to make use of this pain and pleasure principle would be through a tactic known as ‘fractionation’. This was borrowed from the world of hypnosis, and is known to generate long-lasting attraction within women in just forty-five minutes. This technique makes use of bringing women through a roller coaster of emotions while conversing with them, making them alternate between states of happiness and sadness in certain intervals.