How to Avoid a Breakup – Learn to Read the Signs Your Girlfriend Wants to Breakup With You

Most men often fall victim to taking their relationship for granted as they keep on overlooking all the negative signs from their partner. Have you been failing to notice signs your girlfriend wants to breakup with you? You might shrug off this idea with a smile thinking that your girlfriend loves you, but the fact is that many relationships end abruptly and one partner gets this news out of the blue.

Now, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to end up losing your girlfriend this way, so here’s how you can keep an account of the matters:

Is Your Girlfriend asking for space? There’s more to it than meets the eye!

Partners often reach a point in relationship when they need more space and time so that they can take a breather and pull things together. Now, there’s nothing wrong with it, but sometimes this mere request can mean much more. Has your girlfriend made the same request to you and is she often finding ways to get away from you? If so, this is a sign your girlfriend wants to breakup with you. You need not remain inactive in such a situation or your worst fears may come true!

Does Your Girlfriend Initiates a fight Over Trivial Matters?

Many people think that arguments and small quarrels are all part of a relationship of love, but the thing is that when the partners start fighting over trifling matters, there’s something amiss! If you find that your girlfriend is often searching for an opening to start a quarrel with you over nothing, you can be rest assured this is a sign your girlfriend wants to breakup with you. The only way out for you in such a scenario is not to reciprocate any attempt to fight and be more tolerant.

Physical Contact Is the Essence of a Healthy relationship! Is she avoiding it?

If you detect any signs that your girlfriend is not as willing to allow you to touch her like in the past, it may be because she is thinking of a separation. Physical contact is pretty much the core of a strong relationship, and if you feel an increased aversion by your partner this is a sign your girlfriend wants to breakup with you.

Another significant indicator that your girlfriend is thinking of getting away from you is if she is shying away from accompanying you on parties and gatherings. This clearly points to the fact that she no longer wants to be seen with you in a gathering, as she plans to move out. Now that you know how to read signs your girlfriend wants to breakup with you, you can interpret your partner’s actions and devise a plan to avert any breakup in future.