How to Budget a Wedding – 4 Ways to Negotiate For Smart Deals

Don’t know how to budget a wedding? The bad news is that it’s not a task for the fainthearted. You’ll have to be very stern with yourself, and even sterner on your spending. Otherwise, it would be very easy for you to give in to temptation. On the upside, anyone can learn how to budget a wedding, and the best lesson to start your education with is how to negotiate for smart deals from wedding vendors. Here are some tips.

1. Always compare prices. Know for a fact the photographer you’re talking to is charging much more than the other photographers in the area? Use that piece of information as your bargaining tool! Say, “I love your work, but there are other photographers who fall in our price range more than you do. Is there room for negotiation in your price?” You’ll be surprised how much you can save with that little question!

2. Be flexible. So, you told your caterer how much you can afford to pay. If, in turn, your caterer tells you prices can be brought down by changing the table setting, using cheaper ingredients, or eliminating a course or two, don’t reject the idea out of hand. If you’re willing to work with your caterer, you can certainly bring costs down!

3. Ask for freebies. Is the vendor you’re negotiating with unable to lower the price? Don’t lose further sleep haggling. Instead, ask the vendor to sweeten the pot. Say, “The competition’s package is inclusive of a champagne toast. Would it be possible for you to throw the same in, at no extra cost?”

4. Speak in negotiation-ready language. Never ever seal the door shut to possible lowering of cost. Don’t say, “I don’t suppose I can get these invitations for a lower price, can I?” Instead, say, “Can you go any lower than that?” or “If you can go down by X price, we have a deal.”

Learning to negotiate is crucial in figuring out how to budget a wedding. Learn it quick, and learn it well. Your wallet will thank you for it!