How To Build A Chicken Coop! Things To Remember!

Do you want to find out exactly how to build a chicken coop? Do you want to find out this information in an effort to save money? Great! This article will help you through the construction process, giving you a few things to think about along the way.

Find the right location

Ensuring that you have the right location is essential. The problem here is, most people do not even take location into account when they construct a poultry house!

There are two things that need to be considered; is the coop on flat ground, and is it near trees? It goes without saying that flat ground is always needed for this type of structure. As for the trees, keep it away from them as they could drop onto the house and damage it.

The right size

The size of the poultry house is probably more important than you think. When looking at how to build a chicken coop, planning out the exact coop size to ensure you have the space.

As a minimum, look to get around 4 square foot per chicken as a minimum, that should be more than adequate.

Collecting tools and materials

Make sure you have a check list so you can ensure that you have everything that you need BEFORE you start building. A saw, hammer, nails, screws and fencing are all things that are likely to be used, so get them well in time for the start of the build and learn how to build a chicken coop properly!

What is left to do?

Essentially, the planning and preparation stage is completed, all that needs to be done now, is you need to start the build and make sure the whole project is completed correctly.

Learning how to build a chicken coop is an easy process, but just take it slowly.
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