How To Build A Wooden Chicken Coop Yourself With DIY Plans

Whether your existing chicken coop is not fulfilling your requirements or you are intending to raise chickens for the first time and need a chicken coop, it is suggested that you build your own chicken coop. It may appear arduous but in fact to build your own chicken coop is not only easy but is also cost effective.

Moreover, the chicken coop built by yourself will of course be meeting your requirements as well. However, there are a few things which you need to attend to before building your own chicken coop.

First of all, make sure you build the chicken coop at a place which is not only a little higher than the ground but also is safe in order to keep your chickens away from the predators. Moreover, you can also plant a wire as well around 10-15 inches deep, so that you could keep the animals away from your chickens in every sense.

Then another vital facet to look after is that of ventilation. Keeping your chicken shack ventilated is very important. As in case your chicken cage isn’t having correct air circulated within, it won’t only get stinky but is also subject to make your birds sick.

Therefore be sure to install windows or at a minimum a door in your chicken shack. Aside from this, it should be well-lit and shouldn’t be built in a shady place at any cost. When you build up your own chicken pen, you want to be sure that it finds at a place where enough daylight could enter it at day time.

Moreover, you can install a bulb inside as well, which will keep them warm and help you see them as well. Last but not least, always build your chicken coop according to the number of chickens you are raising and make proper arrangements to keep them warm in cold weathers.
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