How to Buy Products From Liquidators to Sell Them Off on eBay

Liquidators are a good source of products that we can sell at eBay as long as we know what we are doing. They are different from wholesalers and they have different terms and agreements. These are the variables that we need to check into so as to make Liquidated items selling a profitable one.

A liquidator normally buys their inventory from retail store chains and manufacturers especially the businesses that have shut down and still have inventory in stock. There are big Liquidation Companies that sell directly to the public. Burlington Coat Factory, and Big Lots are some of them. They have the financial backing and are well capitalized that makes them successful.

Liquidators buy returned items, odd lots, over runs, overstock, shelf pulls, imperfect items, bankruptcy and store closing sales. We will differentiate this type of items that they buy.

Odd lots – These are the items that are the last ones from a manufactured lot. They are small enough in quantity that the manufacturer cannot deliver to their retail stores. Most items on this category have little to no problems with them and some will still be on their original packaging.

Returns – These are items that were returned by the customer either they didn’t like it or there is something wrong with the item. These can comprise of open boxes, incomplete packages, parts that are missing, damaged goods and some non-working gadgets. If the returned items are any type of electronics, there is a big possibility and they are not working.

Shelf Pulls – These are the items that were pulled out from the shelves and clothing racks that are already out of season. They might have been on sale for a while but still nobody buys them. They can also be “display items” “test it before you buy ” items.

Over Stock / Over Runs – These are items that were purchased but in large quantities than expected. One specific example of this are merchandise that were being sold whenever a hit movie comes up. Most items on this category will still be in boxes and they can easily be sold.

Bankruptcy and Store Closings – These items are from the store that have been recently shut down or have voluntarily closed due to financial problems. With this category, you will expect high quality merchandise.. You just need to know what you are looking for.

Liquidator Shopping are good for adding stuff for you to sell on eBay. You just need to know the tips and techniques and get a thorough inspection of the items that you buy so as to prevent problems along the way.